Wednesday, November 05, 2008

At risk of seeming like an ungracious winner...

(Reminded by my bestest, non-husband friend that I seemed a little like a poor winner, I will now get my gush on...)
I let my children stay up until 11 p.m. to see the US of freakin' A being called for the First Black President of the United States and his bee-yoo-tee-ful First Family. (And then we all shared a bottle of 2002 Perrier-Jouet Rose Champagne and watched the speeches; I admit I cackled and yelled all through McCain's gracious and kind speech--I'm like that; you should know that by now. Hope the kids can get up in the a.m....) Until about a year ago, I though this was not something they'd see in their lifetime, much less I in mine. Ignoring what this means to our country now, at this moment in history, PLEASE pay attention to the meaning of this man, with his history and his family and his skin color, for goddess' sake, being not only POTUS, but arguably, Leader of the Free World. This is more historic than for which I have words. I've been teary and on edge and ready for today for weeks now, weepy all day and *weeping* since 11 p.m. I'll let the tears speak for me. Amazement and awe and love for my country leaks from my puffy red eyes and probably will for some time. And then start all over again on 1/20/09. For weeks or months. Can you imagine the weight on Our Man's shoulders right now?? Crushing. And I do not normally pray, you all know that (as my readers are pretty much my friends and family and y'all know about my agnostic/seeking/confused/whatever-it-is-ive-ness) but I will be *praying* for this man to fulfill our hopes and dreams and to be safe and to not change from the Man--capital M--who he is and who we elected. I will teach myself to pray to What/Whoever-Is-Out-There for him. We all need to do so to the best of our abilities right now, and we all need to REVEL in the utter history of what we are are living for at least a few days, and then get to fuckin' work for this Man who has committed his family and life to Us.
Bless you all BLESS YOU ALL BLESS YOU ALL for making history tonight. Let's continue to live it and be worthy of the man with whom we made it and worthy of the children and the world for whom we made it.
P.S. I wish I could hug you all tight to me right now. I am in awe of my beautiful, wonderful country right now (and I laugh in utter joy as I write that right now, as the irony of me--me!!!!--writing that phrase without any irony WHATSOEVER; who knew???)!!!
P.P.S. For the Sincoffs: I know the Obamas said their girls' dog will be a shelter dog, and I think I heard the First Lady Obama (god! I love that!!!) say it would be a small dog, so here's hoping it's a shelter-Shih-Tzu. It'll give you, and thus me, a leg up in the friendship battle, lol.


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya!
I tried to stay up last night, but couldn't...but I just knew as soon as PA was called that he was IN!
And, may I say....doesn't it feel wonderful to be on the winning team for a change?
I can be an absolutely gracious winner, LOL...after I get my WOOOHOOOs out of the way, LOL.
You know I pray a lot, but now it'll be more. I hope this country will pull together. I'm so happy I can't even put it into words.
Sorry I fell asleep before your call... was gonna call you but then I fell asleep!
PS I love that fact that the daughter of a former slave got to vote for the first African-American President! It give me hope!

Vicki said...

OK, now you made ME cry. And LAUGH!! Ethan and I said the same thing as soon as he made the puppy comment--we hope it's a Shih Tzu!

I am absolutely floored by the historical significance of this election. I really never thought our generation would have its "moment." I'ts been 48 years since this country has elected someone so galvanizing. I'm sorry Tobin's too young to witness this exact moment, but I'm so glad he gets to witness the next 8 years!

I'm still PO'd about all the anti-gay marriage and adoption ballot initiatives passing, however. I'm humiliated that they even made it to a vote, let alone that democrats clearly voted for them in order for them to pass.

Ethan said...

I'm still trying to digest the impact of last night. I can't deal with it. I keep shaking my head in wonder!! I'm going to post something later but, I truly think that the Shih-Tzu's will be the in road to the first family!

Wow man. I cried when FLORIDA went for Obama... when OHIO did.... I almost got sad for Kerry and the almost of 2004, but I got past that.

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