Friday, June 27, 2008

SPAM Poetry

creators hold power
constant focus brings success
paper money is not real
don't live in dream
wake up
Your life
The Mind Body Sanctuary Awaits You!
here is that fire

Back. Tired.

Well, I'm back from training and started working. After eight days of training, I was exhausted, so I started on Tuesday, and am currently done with what I had to get done, but haven't been sent the sample, which is the next step. Still waiting. Guess I'm too fast for my own good. But oh well, I have another day off. Unless they send me sample later today.
We leave for the beach on the 5th, so I want to get a lot done this next week, so I don't get too far behind. Plus of course the crap I need to get done to be ready to go to the beach.
My body is still adjusting to new schedules and working and walking so much. Last week I walked about 4 miles a day. I'm hoping even the small segments of walking I do here at home will help me to lose a little weight or at least keep me from gaining more. The worst part is being in the heat which always tires me out badly. So, I'm a bit achy, very tired, having increased inflammation and frustrated that I'm waiting for the next step, but other than that: I'm okay!
It feels good to be working, especially at a real job. Hey, I got my business cards and work cell phone yesterday, how cool is that??
Other than all of that, not a whole lot to say, but I will try to do a better job keeping up here, now that the training is done.
P.S. Ann Arbor (where I trained), MI, is a very cool college town. A lot more liberal and artsy than I expected. A good place to visit and SO MANY good places to eat. It was hard to choose every night.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Have a summer beer at 6:59 ET tonight and celebrate the longest day of the year!! ( the earliest solstice since 1896!)

More when I get back from training and love to the best BFF in the world Vicki for supporting me through this week.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stolen from a thief [LINK] REDUX

  • If you get something out of a vending machine, it's most likely the: something salty, maybe Funyuns
  • A word you sometimes catch yourself misspelling: tomorrow
  • You least want people to see you as: unintelligent
  • You're a little scared of: falling
  • The least attractive thing you do in your sleep: grind my teeth... (DITTO)
  • The number of contacts in your cell phone: 165
  • How many of them are restaurants: 17
  • You lose your cool when someone: people hear, but don't listen (DITTO)
  • When you go to the drugstore, you often can't leave without buying: a Mr Goodbar, a gossip mag or a skin care product
  • Your dance moves can best be described as: repetitive
  • The majority of your underwear is: Body by Victoria Hiphuggers in Black or Nude
  • Something you eat even though you hate how bad it is for you: Triscuits w/Sharp Cheddar Easy Cheese
  • You think you're really not a great: athlete (DITTO)
  • How much cash is in your wallet right now: $20 and some change, but normally no cash, just change
  • The majority of your shoes are this color: I guess black, but I have too many pairs for there to be an easily discerned majority color
  • You don't think you'll ever be able to get rid of your: my extra 40 lbs.
  • If your breath is bad, it's most likely because you had the: coffee
  • You feel embarrassed when you: forget anything I "should know"
  • The last public place where you used the restroom: a bar 2 weekends ago
  • Something you don't like to debate in mixed company: nothing I can think of, lol
  • You don't think you can pull off wearing: anything that shows my upper arms
  • Something you own entirely too much of: clothes & shoes
  • Someone you would love to see in concert who might bring down your street cred: Bette Midler in Vegas
  • The last thing that you spilled on yourself: coffee
  • If you were on a reality show, the producers would likely portray/characterize you as the: the bossy one/annoying know-it-all

Another WTF.

I don't remember this video clip, although I know I saw it.
What fakaktah defintion of Black is this?? ReelPop said it best:

Barack to the future? No. Baby got Barack? No. Obamacize? Hmm...
Stephen Colbert does verbal aerobics around columnist Debra Dickerson, who embodies Freud's theories on the narcissism of minor differences.

From Wikipedia:

African Americans or Black Americans are citizens or residents of the United States who have origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa. In the United States, the term is generally used for Americans with at least partial Sub-Saharan African ancestry. Most African Americans are the descendants of captive Africans who survived the slavery era within the boundaries of the present United States, although some are — or are descended from — voluntary immigrants from Africa, the Caribbean, South America, or elsewhere. African Americans make up the single largest racial minority in the United States, though Hispanics compose the largest ethnic minority.

Or also from Wikipedia:

Black people is a term which is usually used to define a racial group of human beings with dark skin color. Some definitions of the term include only people of relatively recent Sub Saharan African descent (see African diaspora), while others extend the term to any of the populations characterized by dark skin color, a definition that also includes certain populations in Oceania and Southeast Asia.

Even by the African diaspora defintion he is still Black.

Obamacize & Green Proms

In this post I used the term "Obamacize." In this post a commenter asked what the term meant.
It is a word I believed I made up, until I Googled it. What I meant by it was exercising my right and need to talk endlessly about about how great Obama is.

CNN just did an article about a green prom in Arlington, and I thought, "How wonderful these kids are aware and trying to make an impact in their own worlds." Then they cut back to the studio and the dingbat blonde commentator said, "I hope that dinner wasn't organic, 'cuz I hate that." And the annoying and mildly retarded bald guy said, "Right. We gotta draw the line on it."

What the fuck???? Way to follow the kids' leads ya selfish, dumbasses.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hot, sticky ramblings

Spamspam (Spam email created from spam subject lines)

6/07/08 #1

To: kaylynewcomer
Caricature Creator
RE: What makes you tick?
get to know who u truly are
create don't delay
we are pure light beings
You could give yourself a great present
We sell joy!

6/07/08 #2
My Proposition.
Dear Friend
You Gonna Love This
men meds Jill
Greatness is measured by the size of your manhood
Do you have trouble walking?

Hey, did y'all notice today is 6/7/8?
And did y'all notice it's 400 fricking degrees outside? And 7000% humidity?

In other news:
  1. Hillary endorsed Barack.
  2. My composting has officially begun--with freecylced buckets, no less! (YAY, green me!)
  3. We have all three ACs (one 10,000 BTU downstairs and two much smaller ones upstairs for "zone control" as the call it) installed in the windows. The downstairs one is a new Energy Star model we bought on Thursday to replace the working, but dinosaur-like 15+-year-old model we inherited from Nate's Dad 13 years ago and curbcycled last year--we saw the guy take it, so we know it went to a person not the landfill.
  4. I got a freecycled foldable drying rack for the basement as an addition to our three laundry lines down there. I've been wanting one for a while, so yay on that, too.
  5. I leave for training in Ann Arbor in nine days, and I'm starting to get nervous about having a paid grown-up job for the first time in my life.

"Recipe" for "spa water": Slice up half of a[n] (organic) cucumber and one small (organic) lime, place in bottom of pretty glass pitcher. Top with a few handfuls of filtered water ice cubes, then fill with filtered water. (Alternatives: various combos of sliced citruses, various combos of handfuls of berries, thinly sliced ginger with or without lime, sprigs of fresh herbs, etc.) Much cheaper and better for environment than flavored, bottled water (bonus: you can eat or compost leftover flavorings) and makes you feel like a fancy spa lady--especially if you sip it while soaking in a deep tubful of water by scented candlelight and listening to soothing music.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More spam poems:

Two from today's subject lines (I won't change punctuation, spelling, capitalization, etc. & yes, they are the whole subject line):

6/03/08 #1

Work-Life meets Mom-Student balance
A Secure Future for You, an Optimistic Future for Them
life is but a dream

6/03/08 #2

who's searching for you?
Paris This Weekend?

Monday, June 02, 2008

Okay, I lied. Spam subject line poem:

Each line is a separate full subject line from spam received today:

6/02/08 #1

whats really good
with wonderful
the probable
go garbage
go throat

Lastly, for now...

GREAT news from the Clinton campaign (via Ben Smith of Politico):

June 02, 2008Categories: Hillary Clinton
Clinton camp converging on New York Tuesday, and shedding staff
Members of Hillary Clinton's advance staff received calls and emails this evening from headquarters summoning them to New York City Tuesday night, and telling them their roles on the campaign are ending, two Clinton staffers tell my colleague Amie Parnes.
The advance staffers — most of them now in Puerto Rico, South Dakota, and Montana — are being given the options of going to New York for a final day Tuesday, or going home, the aides said. The move is a sign that the campaign is beginning to shed — at least — some of its staff. The advance staff is responsible for arranging the candidate's events around the country.
With the future of her campaign in doubt, Clinton hasn't announced her plans for the final election night of the primary cycle or beyond, but the aides said she would stage her election night event in New York City. Her entourage is currently expected to wake up Tuesday in New York and to arrive in Washington, D.C. Tuesday night.
Clinton's senior aides didn't respond to requests for comment on her Tuesday night plans.

Bo Diddley done died.

Sad news today: Bo Diddley passed away after a long illness.

In other news:
  • My BFF and her DH visited this weekend and we met her DH's oldest friend freshly back from almost 5 years in Thailand and now living right here in Central PA. We went to a local microbrewery--my DH is a "mug club" member/pool fanatic for the place--for their anniversary celebration which included a FREE pork BBQ (baked beans, cole slaw, rolls, the works) and free musci all day, concluding in BFF's favorite musician at the end of the night: Mike Doughty. For FREE!! I love free, yesiree. We had an awesome time together, concluding--as our visits often do--with both DHs falling asleep/dozing on the couches while BFF and I talk and talk and talk. Fun times!!
  • My antique rose bush (well not quite a bush; I've been pruning it to bring it back to life, more of a climber by now--wrapped up a trellis of sorts) is flowering beautifully. We think it is a peace rose. It is quite old and was planted by my great-grandparents. When we first moved in: no flowers. Finally two years ago a few flowers. Last year: a handful of flowers. This year: almost as many as it should have for a plant its size. I even clipped two for a "bud vase" (actually, my sake decanter) one of which was in full bloom and one bud. The blooming one closed up last night and reopened this morning and the bud opened today. I have them by the TV so I can see them easily and often.
  • I got another Freecylced houseplant the other week. A snake plant or mother-in-law tongue--a few of them, actually. Huge and old and kind of pale when I picked it up. But since I've potted it and watered and fed it, it is perking up and coloring in nicely. I planted it in a huge plastic "terra cotta" pot, but hated how it looked in my pretty living room, so I dropped it into a big green crackle-glazed pot I had been using for balls and sporting equipment in the sunporch. The pot had long since overflowed onto the floor anyway, so this gave me the kick in the butt I needed to actually fix the mess. I got (at my favorite boutique: Targ├ęt; and all on SALE! YAY!) two pretty hampers which look like tightly woven grass, but are actually resin for sports stuff and a leather-look trash can for the umbrellas. My sunporch looks much nicer now.
  • My yoga bolster came at the end of last week and I have been doing back-bending poses and restorative poses with it, and I'm so glad I spent the $45. Worth it, even though I wasn't sure when I clicked the "pay now" button.
  • We switched our bedding for the "summer look" over the weekend. We have a white duvet cover with a few red stripes and our monogram and white pillow shams with red stripes for summer. Nothing like a change of bedding to mark the seasons! How upper middle class is that a sort of thing to say?? Ugh, what has become of me? I'm the lazy, funky Martha Stewart or some goddamned thing.

The ABCs and XYZs of me...stolen from a thief ;-)

The ABCs and XYZs of me:

Accent: none, or Central PA--depending on where YOU live
Bra size: 38D--uh huh!
Chore I hate: cleaning the bathroom (yeah, me, too, Amy!)
Dad’s name: Richard, who goes by Rick, but I call him Dick, lol
Essential make-up: LIPSTICK!!!! It's all I need!
Favorite perfume: Right now: Casual: Cannabis Santal by Fresh; Dressy/Sexy: Tom Ford's Black Orchid
Gold or Silver: Yes, lol.
Hometown: Harrisburg, PA; more specifically: Penbrook, PA
Interesting fact: uh...I can touch my tongue to my nose??
Job title: Field Researcher as of two weeks from now, but really that's been my unofficial title since I had kids!
Kids: 2 sons; 14 and 11 years old
Living arrangements: a lovely house in Penbrook (built by my great-grandparents as a wedding gift for each other) with my husband, 2 sons, 2 cats, 1 wonderful, old "puppy" and too many dust bunnies
Mom’s Birthplace: Harrisburg, PA
Number of apples eaten in last week: 0
Overnight hospital stays: pneumonia as a baby, appendicitis as a kid, two for having kids, sleeping by the bedside of one of my sons for a few nights when he was a toddler, a couple stints in the loony bin
Phobia: not really any, anymore...maybe "falling"
Question you ask yourself a lot: Why are people so ignorant??
Religious affiliation: uh...none
Siblings: 1 younger brother
Time I wake up: When do you eat lunch?
Unnatural hair color: well, yes, I've had it colored for longer than I can remember (for fun, no gray yet), but right now it is CLOSE to my natural color: dark blonde with various other shades of blonde blended in
Vegetable I refuse to eat: lima beans, that's it
Worst habit: staying up late/sleeping late
X-rays: various and sundry...
Yummy food I make: spaghetti sauce; muffins/quick breads; braciole with gnocchi
Zodiac sign: Capricorn

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