Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stolen from a thief [LINK] REDUX

  • If you get something out of a vending machine, it's most likely the: something salty, maybe Funyuns
  • A word you sometimes catch yourself misspelling: tomorrow
  • You least want people to see you as: unintelligent
  • You're a little scared of: falling
  • The least attractive thing you do in your sleep: grind my teeth... (DITTO)
  • The number of contacts in your cell phone: 165
  • How many of them are restaurants: 17
  • You lose your cool when someone: people hear, but don't listen (DITTO)
  • When you go to the drugstore, you often can't leave without buying: a Mr Goodbar, a gossip mag or a skin care product
  • Your dance moves can best be described as: repetitive
  • The majority of your underwear is: Body by Victoria Hiphuggers in Black or Nude
  • Something you eat even though you hate how bad it is for you: Triscuits w/Sharp Cheddar Easy Cheese
  • You think you're really not a great: athlete (DITTO)
  • How much cash is in your wallet right now: $20 and some change, but normally no cash, just change
  • The majority of your shoes are this color: I guess black, but I have too many pairs for there to be an easily discerned majority color
  • You don't think you'll ever be able to get rid of your: my extra 40 lbs.
  • If your breath is bad, it's most likely because you had the: coffee
  • You feel embarrassed when you: forget anything I "should know"
  • The last public place where you used the restroom: a bar 2 weekends ago
  • Something you don't like to debate in mixed company: nothing I can think of, lol
  • You don't think you can pull off wearing: anything that shows my upper arms
  • Something you own entirely too much of: clothes & shoes
  • Someone you would love to see in concert who might bring down your street cred: Bette Midler in Vegas
  • The last thing that you spilled on yourself: coffee
  • If you were on a reality show, the producers would likely portray/characterize you as the: the bossy one/annoying know-it-all

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