Monday, June 02, 2008

Bo Diddley done died.

Sad news today: Bo Diddley passed away after a long illness.

In other news:
  • My BFF and her DH visited this weekend and we met her DH's oldest friend freshly back from almost 5 years in Thailand and now living right here in Central PA. We went to a local microbrewery--my DH is a "mug club" member/pool fanatic for the place--for their anniversary celebration which included a FREE pork BBQ (baked beans, cole slaw, rolls, the works) and free musci all day, concluding in BFF's favorite musician at the end of the night: Mike Doughty. For FREE!! I love free, yesiree. We had an awesome time together, concluding--as our visits often do--with both DHs falling asleep/dozing on the couches while BFF and I talk and talk and talk. Fun times!!
  • My antique rose bush (well not quite a bush; I've been pruning it to bring it back to life, more of a climber by now--wrapped up a trellis of sorts) is flowering beautifully. We think it is a peace rose. It is quite old and was planted by my great-grandparents. When we first moved in: no flowers. Finally two years ago a few flowers. Last year: a handful of flowers. This year: almost as many as it should have for a plant its size. I even clipped two for a "bud vase" (actually, my sake decanter) one of which was in full bloom and one bud. The blooming one closed up last night and reopened this morning and the bud opened today. I have them by the TV so I can see them easily and often.
  • I got another Freecylced houseplant the other week. A snake plant or mother-in-law tongue--a few of them, actually. Huge and old and kind of pale when I picked it up. But since I've potted it and watered and fed it, it is perking up and coloring in nicely. I planted it in a huge plastic "terra cotta" pot, but hated how it looked in my pretty living room, so I dropped it into a big green crackle-glazed pot I had been using for balls and sporting equipment in the sunporch. The pot had long since overflowed onto the floor anyway, so this gave me the kick in the butt I needed to actually fix the mess. I got (at my favorite boutique: Targ├ęt; and all on SALE! YAY!) two pretty hampers which look like tightly woven grass, but are actually resin for sports stuff and a leather-look trash can for the umbrellas. My sunporch looks much nicer now.
  • My yoga bolster came at the end of last week and I have been doing back-bending poses and restorative poses with it, and I'm so glad I spent the $45. Worth it, even though I wasn't sure when I clicked the "pay now" button.
  • We switched our bedding for the "summer look" over the weekend. We have a white duvet cover with a few red stripes and our monogram and white pillow shams with red stripes for summer. Nothing like a change of bedding to mark the seasons! How upper middle class is that a sort of thing to say?? Ugh, what has become of me? I'm the lazy, funky Martha Stewart or some goddamned thing.

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