Friday, June 27, 2008

Back. Tired.

Well, I'm back from training and started working. After eight days of training, I was exhausted, so I started on Tuesday, and am currently done with what I had to get done, but haven't been sent the sample, which is the next step. Still waiting. Guess I'm too fast for my own good. But oh well, I have another day off. Unless they send me sample later today.
We leave for the beach on the 5th, so I want to get a lot done this next week, so I don't get too far behind. Plus of course the crap I need to get done to be ready to go to the beach.
My body is still adjusting to new schedules and working and walking so much. Last week I walked about 4 miles a day. I'm hoping even the small segments of walking I do here at home will help me to lose a little weight or at least keep me from gaining more. The worst part is being in the heat which always tires me out badly. So, I'm a bit achy, very tired, having increased inflammation and frustrated that I'm waiting for the next step, but other than that: I'm okay!
It feels good to be working, especially at a real job. Hey, I got my business cards and work cell phone yesterday, how cool is that??
Other than all of that, not a whole lot to say, but I will try to do a better job keeping up here, now that the training is done.
P.S. Ann Arbor (where I trained), MI, is a very cool college town. A lot more liberal and artsy than I expected. A good place to visit and SO MANY good places to eat. It was hard to choose every night.

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