Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obamacize & Green Proms

In this post I used the term "Obamacize." In this post a commenter asked what the term meant.
It is a word I believed I made up, until I Googled it. What I meant by it was exercising my right and need to talk endlessly about about how great Obama is.

CNN just did an article about a green prom in Arlington, and I thought, "How wonderful these kids are aware and trying to make an impact in their own worlds." Then they cut back to the studio and the dingbat blonde commentator said, "I hope that dinner wasn't organic, 'cuz I hate that." And the annoying and mildly retarded bald guy said, "Right. We gotta draw the line on it."

What the fuck???? Way to follow the kids' leads ya selfish, dumbasses.

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