Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hot, sticky ramblings

Spamspam (Spam email created from spam subject lines)

6/07/08 #1

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6/07/08 #2
My Proposition.
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Hey, did y'all notice today is 6/7/8?
And did y'all notice it's 400 fricking degrees outside? And 7000% humidity?

In other news:
  1. Hillary endorsed Barack.
  2. My composting has officially begun--with freecylced buckets, no less! (YAY, green me!)
  3. We have all three ACs (one 10,000 BTU downstairs and two much smaller ones upstairs for "zone control" as the call it) installed in the windows. The downstairs one is a new Energy Star model we bought on Thursday to replace the working, but dinosaur-like 15+-year-old model we inherited from Nate's Dad 13 years ago and curbcycled last year--we saw the guy take it, so we know it went to a person not the landfill.
  4. I got a freecycled foldable drying rack for the basement as an addition to our three laundry lines down there. I've been wanting one for a while, so yay on that, too.
  5. I leave for training in Ann Arbor in nine days, and I'm starting to get nervous about having a paid grown-up job for the first time in my life.

"Recipe" for "spa water": Slice up half of a[n] (organic) cucumber and one small (organic) lime, place in bottom of pretty glass pitcher. Top with a few handfuls of filtered water ice cubes, then fill with filtered water. (Alternatives: various combos of sliced citruses, various combos of handfuls of berries, thinly sliced ginger with or without lime, sprigs of fresh herbs, etc.) Much cheaper and better for environment than flavored, bottled water (bonus: you can eat or compost leftover flavorings) and makes you feel like a fancy spa lady--especially if you sip it while soaking in a deep tubful of water by scented candlelight and listening to soothing music.


Amy said...

Yep, it's 400 fricking degrees here, too. Okay, I exaggerated a tad. It's 93 with a heat index of 101. DH put our air conditioners in this morning, after a fairly miserable day yesterday.

Anonymous said...

You are forgetting that you have been a stay at home Mom for over 14 years now...I know it isn't "paid" but it is the greatest training there is for any job!

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