Monday, December 22, 2008

Short post to get the balling rolling again.

Tiredtiredtired. And I don't have any idea why, but I am constantly sleeping.
MY BFF and her DH had their gorgeous baby boy, Tobin Samuel Sincoff. (I was up there for a few days so that is my excuse for not blogging for a month, lol.)
I'll post the pics I took after I (finally) email them to the proud and happyhappy parents.
Quick news:
  • Boys are on Xmas vacay now.
  • My quarter is done (finally!) and I have two paid weeks off. (Great to work for a university.)
  • My chest x-ray, bloodwork, biopsies, etc etc were all normal. Cuz it's probably all in my head, right? I am going to take BFF's advice and reuqest a pulmonology follow up for asthma (even though my immunologist seemed pretty sure it wasn't, because, ehy, that's not their speciality, right?) if the 24 hour Ph test shows nothing, since that is already scheduled anyway. Since I skipped it once before thinking it wasn't necessary, that is probably the one test for which they'll find something. Because that is my luck. I could have gone and been taken care of months ago, but I think I'm a doctor or something.
  • Honestly it is the kind of tired I had with bad depression, but we'll keep that on the back burner until we know there is no physical reason for it. They already upped my anti-depressant (because of increased depression) and anti-anxiolytic (for sleep since they took me off of the sleep aid I had taken forever because we were trying to weed out some drugs that might worsen the dryness I experience orally, ocularly and-um-vaginally). But I'm going to ask about raising the Effexor XR once again, lowering the cloanzepam back to what it was and going back on the Trazodone at a half of the dose I had been on. (I like chemistry, lol!)
  • BFF and I will be starting a slightly different sort of mommy blog shortly.
  • My holiday shopping is (almost) done, but nothing is wrapped.
  • Reading lot when I'm not sleeping.
  • My plants are doing well, knock wood.
  • I'm Twittering a bit more regularly the past few days to try to get some momentum to post here.
  • And I'm thinking of starting a tumblog. Ooops, I did it. No posts, yet.


nhcareyjr said...

do you eat much fish? I know mercury poisoning will tire you. Heavy metals in the body in general will do that. Arsenic also with chicken feed. Hope you feel you better.

Ethan said...

What is Twitter? I don't understand its' purpose. Also, what is a tumblog? You are SO hip!!! :)

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