Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blahg Blerg

I haven't been here a bit. I lost a follower. I figured I'd lose that person when I started blahg-ing about all of my girl troubles. But this page is for me, so no worries. I guess...

So. My surgery.

After much worrying and fretting, I had my laporoscopy on 12 January (this past Wednesday). As expected, adhesions were found. Nothing else was found. So pretty much a by-the-book kind of experience. They went in through my belly-button, filled my abdominal cavity with gas to create space to look around and work, saw a super healthy liver, normal uterus and ovaries and a rather gross looking adhesion from my stomach to my my small intestine and uterus. They clipped and snipped and sewed--okay: glued--me back up.

Whenever I have general anesthesia it really knocks me on my ass. It leaves me a bit blue--as do the painkillers which often accompany procedures requiring general anesthesia--and pretty tired. Any kind of procedure also usually leaves my inflammatory disease more inflammatory than usual. So I have a little more joint pain and swelling than usual and a very mild fever. Since I am not currently employed I have decided to use this time to recuperate in bed. It seems luxurious and boring and lazy and needed.


Vicki said...

Do it! I wish I could've holed up in bed for the duration of my sinus infection--or even just one day.

We both need to rest up and get better and plan a GNO ASAP. We sorely need one! And we have your ludicrously healthy liver to sully per your doctor's instructions. Can't let the man down. XOXOXO

kaylynuke said...

I talked to him and he does have copies of the pictures for me. I'll stick the liver one in my wallet and if I'm cut off by a bartender, I'll flash the picture and say, "Doctor's orders." lol

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