Monday, February 07, 2011

Cozy Cave Confession

I am not a person who always needs complete darkness to sleep, but I do employ several sleep masks for bad sleeping nights. I like the coziness of the blackout darkness when I sleep.
We also keep the heat very low during the night, about 60°. So sometimes I toss on a zip-up hoodie if my pajamas are not warm enough. On these nights, I will pull up the hood, snuggle down under the blankets and pillows and pull the drawstrings tight on my hood so only my mouth and nose stick out. I'm like Kenny-from-South-Park in reverse. Instant blackout mask! And, for some reason, I think there is something luscious about breathing the lovely cold air while the rest of my body is toasty warm and floating on the cloud of bedding and mattress.

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