Thursday, May 03, 2007

I have a laptop now, so let's try again.

I pretty much lost my job due to my depression. Or due to my director being a bitch. Not sure on that one, the verdict is split. See, they told me it was because my customer service was suffering due to my depression, but when pressed for details none were at hand. They told me I could take some time off, so I did. But I slowly realized that the director was probably just trying to get rid of people she felt were not in her camp. I wasn't. She knew; I knew it; we all knew it. I was about the eighth person to leave or be fired in a few short months. So I'm searching for a new job. Sort of. We've (DH and I) that I should try to get my mental hygiene in order before looking in earnest to start a new job. This will also allow me to spend time looking for the right job, not just a job.

Time alone may just drive me more batty, but we'll see.

Current meds for head:
  • Zoloft 100 mg
  • Cytomel 50 mcg
  • Trazadone 100 mg
  • occasional Xanax or Klonopin for the worst nutso moments

Current meds for body:

Time for med--I mean bed.


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