Sunday, June 10, 2012

Senses on a Suburban Spring Evening

What I see:
  1. at least a dozen kinds of trees growing both fresh and new, and strong and tall among the over two dozen trees surrounding us
  2. a little dog's forest worth of ferns
  3. a few plucky birds out almost past their bedtimes
  4. lightning bugs
  5. lots of lightning bugs
  6. around an acre of freshly shorn, fresh, green grass
  7. hot pink roses
  8. clematis
  9. vines and more vines!!!
  10. flowersflowersFLOWERS!!!!
  11. plants soon-to-flower and those which will not but are beautiful in their own right because of their million shades of green
  12. the swooping bats which I always refer to as "my bats"
  13. a freshly filled hot tub
  14. a riding mower
  15. the tranquility of the cemetery behind my house
  16. the neighbor's child's child's play-set
  17. ...and a few pink, plastic flamingos

What I smell:
see numbers 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13 above
a grill in some nearby yard cooling down from the busy day
warm concrete

What I hear:
see numbers 3 and 12 above
children playing in a yard (catching lightning bugs?)
a nearby screen door--the old-fashioned kind-- opening and closing regularly with a "whoooosh," then a "smack!"
some creatures scurrying in the brush and plants around the house
very light Sunday night traffic on "my" two busy streets

What I feel:
warm concrete beneath my dirty feet and under my ample ass
a mosquito and some gnats lighting repeatedly on my skin

What I know:
my oldest baby boy graduated from high school today
I have the whole summer ahead of me with my boys, my dogs, my friends, and--for a week--the ocean
my boys are safe and having fun with friends tonight
I'm about to eat a tub of mashed potatoes and gravy and a few biscuits with honey for a late supper

What I taste:

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