Friday, July 04, 2008

4h of July nonsense, literally

For about a week now, much of my spam has had some of the most nonsensical subject lines of most of the spam I've ever received. Follwing is the list of favorites for your perusal:

ballow Chuth Neewrink
Re: festape airforts-car Spes
Re: When wompire Horch race Weadmid Circh
jerks equipollent
Pyray Eraft Vidosion Squard
X-Rass teewriamid Horcase Floon Passpon
At no virginia
Fw: Plant Chuttle X-Raire Alphain
Fw: Botar shuray eraft Swimmid Tape
Re: Hamid fescope Solighwary Glow
Fw: Chilla tree-shop spon
Re: Hamond perfly guitaing cher Swort
radmid Funnis pandult Vulum rock Needo
Fw: eray Monet Tape Eleppuccity stond Sightub
Fw: Explower Elecope sight
Eard potatere Paink
Fw: Floon paser Planter Kity shuth Bato
Dridow prindow Pandwice festape
Weatherfort vamid Tella dream
Fw: tella Perot mice Instar Bibruid Cape
Re: torpes vult kity Finbow Hord
Re: Jachain torce Carpon carbet Sandult
shop tring guit wompire funnis
Wiener wiener chicken digger

A spam poem:

Feel the true holiday
Be patriot
was witness
Your Story Was Not Told
big news expected
Regret to inform you
is burst
36 chambers

Lastly, a spam spam:

Health mall
need sleep?
triple your intake
Don't wait to improve the quality of your life
Take Control of Your Future and Soar to New Heights

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Amy said...

You've been tagged. :) Come here for the details...

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