Friday, July 04, 2008

When it rains, it pours. And whatever the opposite platitude is.

My past week...
  1. The other week, when I was in Ann Arbor, training, I started having limb tingling. Not just my feet or legs or hands or arms, but everything from my elbows to my fingertips and my knees to my toes. It feels like when your body parts "fell asleep" and are "waking up." This is called neuropathy. Apparently to have it in arms AND hands AND legs AND feet on both sides is not as common as other types of neuropathy. I could have a really bad pinched nerve somewhere, probably in my cervical spine. I could have Buerger's Disease. I could have MS. I could have autoimmune peripheral neuropathy. I could have hip cancer. Other than the last one, all are plausible due to my autoimmune history. (But, of course, hypochondriac that I can be, I do remember having very bad hip pain last week, once, and a few other times in the last year.) Whatever it is, more drugs, unfortunately, will most likely be the answer. My appointment is in a few weeks.
  2. Nate took his (recently paid off) Catera into the fancy dealer shop (where he bought the car) and found out his radiator needs replaced right before our vacation for $800 and to repair his long broken AC would be another $2400, not to mention his sunroof isn't working so the poor bugger is roasting to death. We said nay on the AC as that would cost more than the car is worth now. And he called the local guy to see what he could do for the radiator. $400. GREAT! But parts won't be in until next week. When we're in Rehoboth. Call to grandparents: Can we borrow a car for a week, because we need two cars to get to the beach house with all of the stuff and kids and the dog? "Yes." GREAT!
  3. A week spent worrying that I am sucking horse dong at this job. Conference call today. I am WAY far ahead (like a week or so of work) of many of the new girls and even most of the old-hands. Yay! I'm a bit competitive (stop smirking!!) and am now fretting over the week I am going to lose on vacay. Almost immediately after I had my "yay!" moment, I then had my "oh NO!!" moment. Typical.
  4. Our dishwasher has been not working for a while. The Sears repair guy gave me our $400 estimate and then told me it'd be cheaper to buy a new one. A) No it wouldn't, we're picky. B) I want to repair and not replace. Better for the Mother and all that. But C) $400?!?!? SUCKS! Damn Mother! We approved the estimate. Parts will be in next week, so repairs are the following week.
  5. Car and dishwasher aside, we are eagerly (yeah, right) awaiting the tuition bill from Holden's high school. Since he is attending another district (the science magnate school in the next district over), we'll have to pay them. He won some money based on merit, but apparently we're now "rich" and therefore the first people from out of district to have to pay anything at this school. The rest of the kids have always received needs-based money from the science foundation to cover the whole tuition. SUCKS! (Who knew being rich sucked? We've waited 15 years to be "too rich" for something, and now I wonder why. Bills just expand to meet income somehow. Where're my mani/pedis? Where's my weekly massage? Where's my wine cellar? Where's my housecleaner? Where the HELL is my pool-slash-whirlpool-slash-patio-slash-poolhouse cum guesthouse?)
  6. Tomorrow: Laundry, and then we PACK! Happy 4th of Ju-freaking-ly!!

Make no mistake, I do have my trashy novels ready for the beach!


Amy said...

I feel your pain. And it's so true that your bills just increase as your money available increases. Happens every time here.

Lisa - aces said...

I'm like you, I hate being "Rich" with nothing to show for it. It'll all work out for Holden to go to the new school, just keep thinking its for his future everytime you have to pay the piper. You have wonderful very smart kids, so polite. I wish my kids had been that polite. lol Hang in there sweetie, it'll all get better in about 20 years or so. lol

Vicki said...

Tell me about it! Ethan makes almost double the amount on which a family of 4 is supposed to not only survive, but be considered comfortably middle class, yet somehow we're still discussing how we plan to cut corners once the baby comes--when there'll only be 3of us! I haven't had a mani/pedi in yonks...

As for the neuropathy, I bet they give you Lyrica. So far I think it's only being used for diabetic neuropathy and fibromyalgia, but I'm sure general neuropathy isn't far behind. It's potentially habit forming. Watch out! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lyrica didn't help with my fibro. The first two -three weeks it made me euphoric and I thought it might be helping, but once the euphoria wore off it became obvious it wasn't. I worked my way up to the top dose before having to wean off it (did withdrawal when I had to quite the duragesic patch and hopefully will NEVER have to do withdrawal again). So...the pain continues. I'd be more inclined to ask for Neurontin, which is for neuropathy and doesn't become addicting.

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