Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Okay. I'll try to cover it.
The dishwasher is still not fixed. It's been a whole ordeal worthy of an epic adventure movie, and more time wasted waiting "from 8 until 12" than you need to watch all of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
However we did find out that we probably won't have to pay any kind of tuition for Holden as the district has been accepting whatever funds they receive for SciTech students. So yay! for that, if it is, in fact, correct information. But, considering the source, it is probably correct.
Nate's car is (mostly) fixed. That was an ordeal, too, involving me playing chauffeur and faulty parts, etc., etc. He still has no AC, but that was his choice. The radiator is golden, though.
I've been working a lot in Lebanon area, so that is a lot of travel back and forth. On the other hand, that's a lot of mileage payments and travel time that counts towards my total weekly hours.
I'm getting down to the tough part of the job: catching the chronic "no answer" doors. Some people are in there and don't answer. Some people answer and jerk you around or are just plain mean. And some people are just NEVER home, no matter what time I knock. It sucks a bit. But I'll try not to get too discouraged. Which is difficult.
And, finally (for now--I've gotta hit the showers and suit up), my health.
My primary care doctor did not feel the thyroid nodule my gynecology nurse practitioner felt. My thyroid is still chronically enlarged--surprise, surprise considering the word "chronically" in the title there.
Anywho, my PCP said my recent health problems (the neuropathy, some excessive hair loss [clumps], my extreme tiredness all of the sudden, my sudden weight gain of 10 pounds despite my eating earlier in the day and being more active, my increase in pain, my slow healing wounds and my easier-than-usual-even-for-me bruising) could be due to about a dozen different things. So out came seven large tubes of blood for about 12-15 blood tests, including one where they have to keep the blood warm until it is tested, so I had to go the hospital lab instead of the lab at my PCP's office. She also x-rayed my neck from a few angles to see if my autoimmune problems were causing my cervical spine to be swollen, thus pinching nerves and causing the chronic neck and upper back pain in addition to the neuropathy. Still waiting on all of the results. She said she'd call within two weeks. I hate waiting. Hate it. They should tell you right away what's up. Because if these tests show nothing, there are further medical tests she wants to perform. She suspects my AI disease is in flare, or that I have new AIs added to my old diagnosis. Either way, treatment would involve steroids, which I don't want to do at this point unless my doctors all agree that this is the only option right now. I'm hoping it is as easy as B12 shots or adding a relatively benign (compared to steroids) drug or two. Cross your fingers for me.
That is all for now. I'm sure there is a ton of other stuff I can catch my huge throngs of readers up on, but that is what is popping up on the way to the gallows, I mean work. ;-)
P.S. Check out the last post on Bishkek Bop, and then follow my BFF to her new/old blog: Nothing Personal. Nobody deserves this happiness more than BFF and BFF's DH. MWAH, Sincoff family!!


Vicki said...

I hope they finally figure out what's wrong with you. Of course, I've been trying to figure that out for the last 17 years or so. ;-).

Thanks! I just looked at my profile in the full-length and I got noticeably bigger overnight. I finally look full-on preggers!

And the boy is getting stronger every day. He kicked me so hard a little while ago it startled me.

Didn't hurt, it was just such a pronounced difference from the force of his kicks up till now. He just gave me a big "Hi, Aunt Kayly" boot while I was typing that last sentence :)

Ethan said...

Awww thanks for the shout out, Ms. Newcomer!!!!! You are a sweetie, but I'll keep that a secret so you will not ruin your street cred!!

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