Friday, August 29, 2008

Are we fucked?

By we, I mean liberals. And if you're not with me, you're against me, so stop reading, lol.

First: GREAT convention, GREAT and historic acceptance speech. BLAH BLAH BLAH...

McCain picked a hockey mom with five kids (one w/Down's Syndrome), a blue-collar oilman husband, a kid going to Iraq, and who is adamently anti-choice, a hunter and a lifetime NRA member. Sure she has zero--really: ZERO!!--experience and she is, as I mentioned, ADAMENTLY anti-choice. But she is a 44-year-old SUPERMOM. (She went back to work days after giving birth this past spring!) So here come the Hillary-bots, right? Am I wrong?? PLEASE feel free to explain my faulty logic, as I really need to think differently right now. I went to sleep with such hope and woke to this...this...SHIT!!

My intellect wants to say something profound here, but my gut is SCREAMING:

FUCK McCain and the Hillary-bots he rode in on!!!!


Vicki said...

Simmer down...At least until we see what kind of bump in the polls this gives him.

She may be a soccer/super mom, but that doesn't mean she knows jack shit about foreign policy, energy policy, and all the other issues that are so key to this election. Plus, from what I've seen so far, she has zero charisma. I was completely and utterly unwowed by her. I look forward to Biden giving her a vicious anal reaming at the Veep debate.

On top of that, if HRC's former supporters clamor to McCain's side simply because his running mate has a vagina, they're fucking idiots and who needs them anyway--they weren't liberals to begin with.

I don't understand how any woman of sound mind and body can vote for a MALE candidate who is against choice, increased educational funding, universal healthcare and the ERA. To vote for a WOMAN who's against these ideals is simply incomprehensible to me.

Any woman who votes for McCain/Palin in this election should be forced to hand over her vagina before entering the voting booth because she clearly has no right to own one.

All the dems have to do is hammer home how she's just as in line with Bush's policies as McCain is. I truly hope this choice comes back to bite McCain in the ass and the bite festers and becomes gangrenous and he dies of blood poisoning.

Was that mean for me to say?

Ethan said...

I gotta agree with my wife here on this one. I was totally un blown away by her selection as his running mate.

Hilary, and Bill Clinton, even with the significant misgivings I feel about them, did their job this week. I feel that the clearly, and plainly stated that Obama is the man, and that John McCain is the same as the past 8 years.

I got really emotional watching the speech on Thursday. I would like to hear your views.

Amy said...

I'd like to think that the generally intelligent people who backed Hilary (and I'm not saying Republicans are unintelligent, lol, just that Hilary had a certain demographic) will see through the obvious ploy. Palin is no Hilary. Not in any way.

kaylynuke said...

V&E, you're both missing the point, though. I'm not talking about rational Hillary supporters. I'm talking about the PUMA bunch. The Bots who don't care as much about what is good for the country as they do about "not voting for a black man" or "voting for a woman" are the ones who, even though their percentages are small, may be the tipping point if polling remains as it is and actually reflects what the vote will look like. Other than that I agree with most of what Vicki said.
And yes, I was moved by the acceptance speech, but I think anyone who wasn't was the exception, so there should be no need to ask. Even Pat Robertson LOVED the speech and noted it was one of the best and most important speeches he's ever seen.
And, Amy, no Palin is no Clinton, but the PUMAs don't care.

Ethan said...

What's a PUMA? Seriously :) I've never heard of that term before.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what a PUMA is, either!
I DO, unfortunately, know several people who will now vote McCain because he chose a woman....any woman will do, all they want is a President with a vagina. AND THEY THINK THEY're FEMINISTS! That's how dumb they are.
I really thought that McCain chosing this unexperienced (and after all they've said about Obama's experience...they ought to be ashamed!) small-town woman that he might lose some that were planning to vote for him. My brother, from what Mom tells me...Butch and I can't discuss politics without killing each other...wasn't going to vote for McCain...can't stand now going to vote for him because he likes the VP choice! Mom and Dad are pleased, too...apparently she balanced Alaska's budget. Of course when the Bill got the country in the black they credited THAT to the previous administration!
I would LOVE to have a woman in the White House...but so far we've had the choice of Ferraro, Clinton and now Palin. WTF?

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