Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Picture Pages; More Great-Grandparents

I wish I had a scanner for some older pics of mine, but here are some my mom had emailed me over the years.

The side yard in the (appx.)'60s. That slope down from the sidewalk is steeper, now. The bushes in the foreground are replaced by a tree and a few shade perennials. And the pines in front of the ghouse ar emuch taller. Otherwise, the same.

The back of the house appx. the same time period. I love the back porchj the way it was. The pretty white railing was, at some point, replaced by (now rusty) black wrought iron. And our woooden screen door is no more, although I'd like to replace it once we start painting the exterior.

My Greats in the other side yard. It was really flat then... And landscaped...sigh... Thirty years of neglect before my great-grandapa died has assured us an uphill climb with the landscaping porject. Seven years and counting... Someday...

The greats' vegetable garden. I'm not even going to pretend we'll replace that someday, but Nate has high hopes.

The back yard, complete with dog pen, ca. '60s or '70s.
Supposedly my back yard at some point in time. I can't/don't believe it.
My great-grandpa's redtick coonhound, Sam.
My bluetick coonhound, Zelda. (RIP)
My great-grandma and my mother by my kitchen sink. Th esame kitchen sink. The same cabinets. the same (much beloved) stove. And we even have garbage cans just like that, although not the SAME ones.
My kitchen when we first re-did the floor to tiles. But the same kitchen table and chairs my grandparents (alnost) always had in the kitchen.
I love my house almost as much as my grandma must have. I hope I would have made her proud of it with our changes and fixing it up.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you make Nana proud with what you are doing to fix the place up...if she weren't already dead she'd have keeled over if she'd seen what it became after she got Alzheimer's.
Yep, that's what the backyard looked like when I was a kid, LOL...but that was a looooonnnnng time ago.
The porch and porch rail were replaced because the wooden porch and rail were rotting after 50 years. But I liked the old one better, too.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the once and future vegetable garden, I did plant a (singular)cherry tomato plant this year. As far as I'm concerned, we're on our way.


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