Friday, September 19, 2008

Random, Incoherent & Stolen Material

[Tried to post this MUCH earlier, but Blogger was screwed up for quite some time today.]

Today is International Lazy Blogger Day. (A randomly recurring holiday I just invented. Pass it on.)

Thanks to Ethan for passing on the tidbit re: Old Man Yells at Cloud. Apparently McCain thinks Spain is neither an ally nor a part of Europe.

Avast! Today, matey, is also International Talk Like a Pirate Day, arrrr. Ye best be gettin' yer yaps a’movin’.

I knew it!! They done gone and switched it up on us. Now she’s out there campaignin’ and talkin’, guys and gals, about bein’ the POTUS. Now she won’t have ANY time for huntin’ wolves from heli-cop-ters and choppin’ their legs off. She won’t have ANY time for killin’ and field-dressin’ moose. (What will she eat??) And she won’t have any time for raisin’ her daughter’s baby.

Oprah picked her new book. The book is a hefty “tome” (these are finger quotes, not unnecessary quotes): The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: A Novel . Proving my thesis that she picks books based on their pretentiousness rather than actual readability or literary worth. (Not that they don’t sometimes overlap. Accidentally, I’m sure.) This new pick was slow, overly-wrought, and ultimately a bore for me and many other readers at my library. I guess it’s good she has people reading, but how many of them actually read the book, do you think? I bet many of them carry the fat, pretentious books around like trophies for the course of the reading period, saying vague things about the book when asked how they like it.

Good news (almost) for parents of girl teens afraid of teen pregnancy. Now, if they would start protecting themselves against disease, and goddammit, ya just know the poor girls are mostly on the giving end of the whole oral thing. Hopefully their girlfriends and they, themselves, are taking care of their own needs.

Obama’s is pulling ahead again, even with white women and independents, and getting better.


Another fun Palin picture from Margaret Cho’s blog. Don’t know if it’s real or not. Don’t care.

Monday, the 22nd, is the Autumnal Equinox at 11:44 EDT. This is a great time to open all your windows, smudge, light a candle for your seasonal goals, needs and wants and meditating/praying for the same. If you have energy to do so, Equinox is a good day for a Big Clean. I'll skip that part this year, again.

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