Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Random Random

Still not sure for whom you're voting? (Like I know anyone who's not sure, lol.) Try the ABC News Match-o-Matic! If you happen to know any undecideds or McCain voters, forward to them--just in case.
Shout out to Israel in the hou-ouse! (Apparently as fascinated with Sarah's tanning habits as I am...)
Sarah Palin's Yahoo account was hacked this week, which I don't endorse or agree with, but I did wonder why the governor of a state and a VP candidate uses Yahoo for email... Apparently, I wasn't the only one.
Last night my husband (remember: a lifelong Lincoln/Roosevelt Republican recently, to his slight chagrin, registered Democratic Party and hasn't looked back since) hit his breaking point. After a Colbert Report and a recounting by me of the latest Palin fun facts (see previous post), Nathan actually uttered these words:
You know, I've gotten to the point that if the Republicans do win, I think I might want to move to another country, too.

Referencing my desire over the past eight years to move to Canada. Only now I have decided Denmark is more my style. (I would be a great dane! Ba-dum-bum!) Oddly today I received an email from International House inviting me to their next event: Discover the World Danish Students Reception.
Coincidence? Foreboding omen? We'll see...
Just saw a preview for a movie called The Lucky Ones. Looks good. Wonder why I haven't heard of it before what with all of the entertainment news I read...

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