Monday, October 04, 2010

I did a bad, bad thing.

Today I have been chilly. Unusually chilly even for my cold-blooded self. The dampness on top of it was doing my joints no good, either. So I checked the temperature of our house and the thermostat said 62°! That is low by most people's standards I would think.

So that's when I did a bad, bad thing. I turned the heat on on October 3rd.

Don't tell Nate. I'll just let him think the hissing of the radiator is my nose since my allergies are acting up.

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Shady Del Knight said...

Your dirty little secret's safe with me, Kayly! I'm quite a rule breaker myself. On a dare I once squeezed the Charmin!

I'm in Florida where it's finally cool enough to allow us to turn off the a/c and open some windows for a change!

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