Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Like a Laser Beam

This morning I did not go to bed until the men were all leaving for the day. I always marvel at how my men--and I do mean all three of them--can stand around or wander around aimlessly while waiting for others to be ready to leave the house, but as soon as it's time to actually leave, one or more of them suddenly remember seventeen things they need to do. Many mornings, I hear Nate (who drives the boys to school because it's on his way to work) say this: "I'm leaving with or without you." This is after many "clock" warnings and with much impatience, of course.

This is how my men are with many things in life, not just getting out of the house. School projects, homework, cleaning up after themselves, completing chores and errands and on and on. Much "wandering around aimlessly" and a flurry of activity at the end that threatens to derail the whole task at hand.

But if they get a project in their heads about which they are excited. BAM! The "focus laser" comes on and nothing can deter them.

My youngest came home today and proceeded to gather supplies from around the house and work on his Halloween costume for quite a while without getting distracted before he was done. And then? He cleaned up after himself!! Wacky, wild and weird in this household, let me tell you.


Vicki said...

I don't know what that bullshit is, but Ethan has it, too.

One time we were late leaving for somewhere and I was hassling him to get a move on. He was in the bedroom supposedly getting dressed. 10 mins later he came out and he was STILL butt naked. I screamed "WHY ARE YOU NAKED??!!??" He reached on the kitchen table behind him, magically producing a baseball hat which he thrust onto his head and proclaimed. "I'm not naked! I'm wearing a hat!" and marched back into the bedroom to get dressed. I laughed so hard I forgot I was furious.

kaylynuke said...

That is fucking hysterical. I literally (really) just LOLed.

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