Sunday, February 10, 2008

Alrighty then!

Friends and family have been expressing good wishes for me for two days--in person, by email, by phone. It's wonderful to feel surrounded by this haze of golden warmth.

Everyone has been so nice and encouraging, but the worry is in their voices. I wish I wasn't worrying anyone, one of us worried is enough, right?

Damnedest thing: the book I mentioned on Thursday, " Lipstick and Thongs in the Loony Bin by Courtney A. Wash (a memoir I plan on reading ironically in the 'loony bin')?" Well the author left me an encouraging comment on the Thursday post. Cool or what? The haze of golden warmth expands it's circle to strangers...

I've showered and washed my hair. (Before the shower I took a loooooong hot bath and read two New Yorker mags.) I'm doing laundry. I'm mostly packed. I've finished dinner. I erased a lot of watched items on my DVR. Now I'm sitting with "my boys"--all three of them--while they watch their Smallville.

Tommorow morning they will call to tell me when to be there. Hopefully it goes as planned and I can go tomorrow. The waiting is killer.

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kate-oh said...

Of course we are worried, we love you! I think it is great that the author of the book you are taking left you a post! See...all the signs are aligned, this will be a wonderful blessing for you! And we will all have our Kayly back!

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