Saturday, February 09, 2008

Going in Monday

Well, PNT’s office called me back yesterday morning. I will be admitted Monday afternoon unless a lot of emergency loonies enter the bin this weekend…more emergent or loony than me, anyway, lol.
The girl I’ve been dealing with is really nice and helpful. She called my insurance and they approved it and told her I need to have a physical within 48 hours of admittance, so I scheduled for 10:30 a.m. with PNT. But then she called back yesterday afternoon and said when she called them to confirm the appointment they told her it’s not necessary after all. She just needs to call on the day of admittance for final approval numbers. She said she will call me on Monday to let me know what time to “check in.” Like it’s a resort or something.
I am rather nervous now. The minute I got off of the phone I called my mother, and then I had to get off of the phone with her so I could throw up, because my stomach was so nervous. I’ve compared it now to when you are waiting for your baby to be born and you’re like, “I can’t wait for the baby; I can’t wait for the baby.” And then the baby is born and you’re like, “Oh my goddess, I have a baby. What the hell do I do now??!!??”
They do treatments Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings very early, so my first treatment will be Wednesday morning. The other day and a half will be for taking me off of my meds that would interfere with the treatments. Only a day and a half?? It took me a few months to get up to standard dosage on the Lamictal (which is a mood stabilizer in addition to an anti-convulsant for epilepsy—hence my having to come off of it: it would keep the convulsion from happening) and the Klonopin has been helping so much that this worries me to just go off of them. Plus how long will they take to put me back on them? The Lamictal sometimes causes Stevens-Johnson syndrome if you up the dose too fast… the Klonopin only takes a three or four days to get steady in your bloodstream.
I’ve been going over my packing list for the hospital and putting stuff in Ziplocs for organization along with lists so I know what I took with me. I’m taking three men’s Hanes sweat suits and the yoga-y type clothes I’ll wear into the hospital, two pairs of men’s style flannel pajamas, lots of clean underwear, and a bunch of the longer style of “body shapers” (the stretchy tanks with spaghetti straps and a "shelf bra” from New York and Company.) No Bras, no jeans. I’m going for totally schlumpy comfort in the hospital. I would just sleep in my sweats even, but I remember from my other stay in '99 that the hospital makes you get dressed for breakfast, so if I slept in sweats, they’d make me change.
Anyway, I have to go run some errands now…My rheumatologist’s nurse hates me so she still hasn’t called in my NSAID (currently Voltaren) prescription yet. (I’m not being paranoid, she genuinely does not like me due to my snubbing my original rheumy who I believe she was sleeping with, but he was a horrible and ignorant man.) But I have to pick up some of my other meds and a few things for the family for before I leave for a week. I don’t want Nate to have to run errands in addition to run the house while I’m gone. There is extra of everything in the house, now. Well, once I pick up dental floss threaders for the boys, there will be. (Holden finally got his upper braces; he’s been wearing a “pendulum—or expander—up there until now. So now they both need floss threaders. Those suckers are expensive—especially when you have two kids using two a day…)

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