Thursday, May 08, 2008

Random list: Things I've learned this year

These are a few things I have learned this past year:
  • No matter how long the darkness is, there IS light again at the end.
  • My boys are soon adults. (!!!!!!!)
  • My boys are more funny, intelligent and independent than I ever realized, and I like to think I have almost everything to do with that.
  • Keith Olbermann is the most entertaining and wonderful newsman on TV. Who knew I'd love someone from ESPN so much??
  • The face--the literal face--of politics is changing. A woman and a man of mixed race running for POTUS is amazing!!
  • The figurative face of politics can change--witness Obama's campaign full of dignity, truth and actual hope. It's not just a slogan.
  • When one is cruising through all of the CSI episodes ever made on Spike TV and CBS and has almost run out, ECT will make them all new and fresh to watch again. Not that I recommend this method of re-loving your shows.
  • Surprises can come in small and large packages, sometimes at the exact same time.
  • Life can throw crap at you for a few years and seemingly devestate your world, but it is more than likely not a lifetime of bad luck and life will bless you again at some point.
  • I am ready to try to keep houseplants alive again. (Wish me and my black thumb luck!)
  • Costco's filet mignon is about the best thing ever meat-wise.
  • Frank's Red Hot--a longtime favorite--can fix more foods than previously thought.
  • Good coffee and red wine (long consumed, but never before fully appreciated) are indispensible little bits of heaven in my everyday routine.
  • All that loud music as a kid really does effect your hearing. Sigh... (As a connected "thing I've learned": Closed Captioning is a wonderful invention.)
  • You can grow older and grow more liberal contrary to popular belief. (Right, my socialist little hubby? MWAH!)
  • You can absolutely retain "cool-ness" as you grow older. Sometimes you can even increase it.

Maybe more later.

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Ethan said...

I totally agree w/ your post. ESPECIALLY about the hearing thing... I sooo can not hear well anymore after all the concerts attended in my life.

Obama has indeed run an aboveboard, classy campaign. It's a credit to his team that they have not slung mud like the Clinton's have. They have been really ugly.

I am actually a little inspired, and optimistic about America now.

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