Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some pictures of my plants and house:

My mother gave me star plant for Mother's Day a few years ago despite the fact I notoriously kill plants, especially houseplants. Nate has kept it alive, but it had gotten much bigger and became root bound in the pot. I split it into two pots:

I got a corn plant (Dracaena) from a Freecyler who rescued the the plant from the dumpster a year ago and rooted this clipping. Talk about reduce, reuse, recycle! (I've had a stack of vintage linens in storage forever and finally figured I would cover the ugly plastic craft trolleys in the corner of what was the house's dining room, but is now a den-like extension of our living room. So, voila!, instant side table. I have to add a lamp after I rewire it and also add a framed picture.)

This is my second attempt at lucky bamboo--yes, I killed bamboo. Told ya: Black Thumb Syndrome. I got three stalks because, as I learned in yoga, three is an auspicious number.

This is Zeke (13 years old in a month and still going strong!) and my new peace lily from Lowe's ($10) in front of my fireplace and my Buddha and goddesses corner. I got the peace lily because, like all of the other plants I have, it is an air purifying plant and because I like the name. Oh yeah, and it's pretty, no?

And a blue jay died in my yard after my tree was clipped by a trucker driving like a freaking maniac. I though I had nursed him enough when he finally flew away, but two days later Nate found him dead in our yard. I plucked a few of his beautiful feathers to add to my mantel "altar" which includes many interesting items, incuding two glow-in-the-dark Marys, a picture of a fractal, a shiva lingham, a small Kwan Yin, the card Nate gave me when I was pregnant with Holden which I framed and used as a focal point as I labored, a big hunk of rose quartz and many other weird goodies.

As you can tell from a few of the pictures, I am a collector of collections. The Haeger matte green speckled pottery in a few pics was one of my first obsessions--I have tons more throughout the house.


Vicki said...

Good for you! I recently tried to overcome my black thumb with a pair of pothos plants and some ivy--all supposedly impossible to kill. Guess what happened?

I've come to terms with my black thumb and have learned to accept that if something cannot tell me that it's hungry or thirsty, it will not survive in my house.

Anonymous said...

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