Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My kids are bad in my dreams, and I'm kind of a scared mom in real life, I guess.

Ever since the boys were young, my plan has been to have a fishbowl full of condoms in the house so that they and their friends can partake as necessary without it being too obvious to Nate and I--because there are so many in the bowl that we won't notice a few gone at a time.

So the other week I finally got a cheap glass fishbowl at Petco and a 100 Condom Super Sampler Pack online and placed it near the French Doors on a bookcase.

They were told to take what they need as could their friends, but they were not allowed to waste them on water balloons and whatnot.
The other night I had a dream that I happened to notice that about HALF of the condoms were gone already.
I found the kids and yelled the following at them, "You are NOT allowed to use the condoms to make water balloons, but you sure as hell better be just using all of those for water balloons!!"


Vicki said...

I would totally count them. You haven't counted them yet?

kaylynuke said...

NO! I told you, that violates the "spirit of the bowl!" I'm trying to allow them to do the right thing if they choose to do the wrong thing (j/k) without invading their privacy, but hopefully leaving the communication lines open by giving them a level of trustworthiness.
And don't try to sneak count them when you're here next time! I'll find out and you'll be grounded, lol.
Hmmmmmmm... the "spirit of the bowl." I feel like the bowl needs and American Indian name, now...

Shady Del Knight said...

I've been studying that photo of yours, K-nuke. Helpful hint: you might wanna move that bowl to a "safe room" next month on trick-or-treat night!

kaylynuke said...

Lol, well, we no longer have trick or treat in my community, so it shouldn't be a problem. But I have no problem being known as "the lady who gives out condoms at Halloween."

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