Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sometimes I realize they are too much like me.

So, the old way that Blogger used to post to Facebook doesn't seem to work anymore, so I signed up for NetworkedBlogs to do it for me. One of the steps was to ask friends to verify that I am, indeed, the owner of my blog. I asked both of my sons, among others. My youngest and I just had the following chat via Facebook:
I sent you a request to confirm me as myself for my blog, if you didn't yet, can you confirm it for me?

can i not?

im to lazy to click

nd the mouse is so far away

yeah, but then fb wont let me publish m y blog...why would you not?

idk tho

how can i be sure ur the authore of blahgblahgblahg


they taught us about plagerism in skool




brb i hav to google some sample phrases to make sure u didnt steal this from someone elses blog
Why did I teach them how to be smart asses so well? It makes me laugh my mom ass off, but it's still frustrating.

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