Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And I quote:

Stole this off of a fellow "Obamaniac's" page, hadn't heard it when the Senator was out there:

"I grew up on Star Trek," Obama said. "I believe in the final frontier."
-Campaigning in Casper, WY on 3/7/08

Thought it was something my geek friends would enjoy as much as I did.

Also on "L Word" the other night there was a running PMS theme gag, and at the end the background music was Alice Cooper's Only Women Bleed, snipped here:

Man's got his woman to take his seed

He's got the power oh She's got the need

She spends her life through pleasing up her man

She feeds him dinner or anything she can

Sure it's a totally bullshit anti-woman song, but it's Alice Cooper and I like it, NYAH!

Lastly, now I have a blog page on the Obama website. Hopefully I can bother you less with my news snippets on this one. No commentary there, just news postings or others' commentaries. (At least that is the plan.)

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