Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm OLD!!!!!

Based on phone calls and information I've received today, I believe Holden is getting into the SciTech magnet school we've been been hoping for. Which is great; YAY! But it made me realize my little boy--who stands about my height, wears his dad's size shoes, has just started listening to the "classic rock" sounds of Nirvana ("Mommy, did you know Kurt Cobain of Nirvana [like I have to have it explained to me, lol!] killed himself five days before I was born?" [Yes, infact I found out on the way to the hospital, and it freaked me out, but that is another story.]) and dresses more stylishly than most rock stars, right down to his beautiful long hair and, by now, trademark fedoras--is NOT a little boy anymore. What with multiple girlfriend wannabes and his playing the field and the fact that his first day of high school will occur in less than six months and all of the other stuff that goes with being almost 14, he is now definetly NOT a "little boy" anymore. WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Here he is at six months after he was baptized at Nate and my wedding.

And here he is at about 3½ years old being a goof.

And when he was about 5½.

His first day of kindergarten.

In Japan lighting incense at a Shinto shrine shortly before his 13th birthday.

And with some Japanese cherry blossoms.

And in the Badlands listening to his MP3 player in August '07.

And then, as I finish writing this, my best friend, who has an evil sixth sense timing-wise, sent me this article. Uh, thanks, Vick. By the way, I emailed it to both of my sons, told them to consider it homework, quizzed them on it, and poured myself a LARGE glass of red wine.


Vicki said...

Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!!

Sorry, couldn't resist. Just buy him a chastity belt and weld the lock shut, only to be cut off with boltcutters on his wedding day (upon completion of the ceremony, of course).

kate-oh said...

LOL-He's going to SciTech, he'd only figure a way out of it, LOL
If you feel old imagine how I feel...my GRANDSON is taller than me! And he'll be driving in two years (just thought I'd throw that into the mix, LOL)
(I'll try to post this one only once, LOL)

kate-oh said...

PS...none of the pics you posted of Holden show his beautiful eyes!

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