Monday, March 10, 2008

Spitzer spritzed her which is an old sin, not a brand new one.

First of all, I think the picture with this article looks like a scary eff-ed up version of the new Hermès ads. (Their cute little beanies look pink and orange in that picture.) Second, I can't figure out if I'm committing new sins or not. What do they mean by "certain violations of the fundamental rights of human nature through experiments, genetic manipulations[?]" What do "drugs" include since they say drugs "weaken the mind and obscure intelligence[?]" Since I gotta tell ya, my Klonopin probably weakens my mind and obscures my intelligence a bit. But I need to take it (as prescribed by my doctor) so my head doesn't explode with anxiety. Knowingly allowing my head to explode would be suicide, right? And isn't that a sin, too? Happily I pollute very little, so that's one sin I don't have to worry too much about. But wait, does anybody not pollute at all?? So we're all sinners? Suuuuuucks... Good thing I don't believe in Catholics. Really, I don't. I think Catholics are one big figment of my bizarre imagination. That's why I enjoy their costumes, jewelry and ritual paraphernalia so much.
I saw my psychiatrist (furthermore to be referred to as PNO) today, and he said how great I seemed to be doing in many ways. We spoke of my trying to find a job and he asked what my degree was in and he expressed surprise (once again, because we had been through this before) that I do not have a degree yet. And then he encouraged the law school plan everyone seems to have for me. He said I seemed like a "do-gooder" and that he meant that in a good way and a law degree would probably be ideal for my being able to do my own kind of good. (Which according to these people enhances my whiteness even further. BTW, folks, I am apparently the whitest person you have ever met. I tallied it up and 85% of that list, so far, applies to my pasty white bourgeois ass. The photo illustrations could even be from my photo collection.)
I got a lot done today, took a little walk and even had a big salad for lunch so I'm feeling quite self-satisfied right now.
I think I'll read my newly arrived Vanity Fair magazine--the cover has me all excited and the kids are keeping themselves busy with homework (Holden) and playing keyboard (Ethan), so I have a bit of free time right now.
Oh, wait! Have you seen this yet?


Vicki said...

What's with these political wives who stoically stand by their men as they issue public apologies for putting their weewees in other people???

If I were the first lady of New York (or former first lady of the nation or NJ), I'd be like, "You're on your own with this one, Stud! Knock 'em dead!"

kate-oh said...

Oh, I'd stand by while he made his little "statement", but I'd damn sure get the mike when he was done...and he wouldn't be able to ever show his face in public again.
Having been through this TWICE (although, not in front of the entire world, thank God) I just don't understand the women who "stand by their man".
In fact, if you remember, Hill made a rather nasty comment using the above quote, and then proceeded to do just that.
One more reason not to vote for her....even if she is elected the first woman President, she will still have set feminism back a couple of centuries.

kate-oh said...

I think I would stand by him while he made his little "statement" to the press. As soon as he finished I would take the mike....and the man would never willingly appear in public again.
Having been through this TWICE (although, thank God, I didn't have to do it in front of the whole world), I totally don't get the women that "stand by their man".
Which, if we remember, Hill made a rather nasty comment using that quote and then went on to do just that....reason enough, in my mind, not to vote for her. Even if, gag, gag, she became the first woman Pres she STILL will have set feminism back a few centuries.

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