Monday, March 31, 2008

"The New Adventures of Old Kayly" or "The TMI Episode of Blahgblahgblahg"

Have you see the show "The New Adventures of Old Christine" yet? It is veddyveddy funny. But, disturbingly, the character seems to be based on a divorced version of me. For example--and this is just one in a series of jillions--tonight I spent all night perimenopausally driving everyone nuts with "I'm soooo hot!! I'm melting! I can barely breathe, I'm so hot!! I'm soaking wet with sweat! Turn the heat down!" Then, "I'm freeeezing! It's so cold!!! I'm shivering! Turn the heat up!" And then we watched the DVRed show at 10 p.m. and DAMN! if the whole show isn't about her perimenopause! Then when I told Nate I think the show's writers are spying on me, he said, "It's always all about you, isn't it?" To which I replied, "Yes, and that's what last week's show was about remember?" (BTW, I even own the bra she wore to comic effect in this week's episode.) This isn't meant to flatter myself. Old Christine is a mess. But the show is pretty effing funny. Nate and I laughed our ayusses off this week and last. It seems to get funnier every week. Check it out. (Mondays ABC 9:30-10)

Perimenopause reminds me: today in Targ├ęt, I saw a lady, a normal everyday lady, with a goatee. No 'stache, just the goatee. And, at first, I was, like, "Whoa! EW!" But, then, I actually thought it was pretty cool. She could easily remove it, but she embraces her difference, or quirk, or what some might call flaw. Now, don't get me wrong, I pluck and--will continue to do so--OBSESSIVELY!! (I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome--among my other "frailties"--so hirsuitism goes with the course. For me this has always meant a lot of chin hairs and--pardon the imagery--overgrown shrubbery. These problems seem to be paradoxically [or not, I don't know; maybe I should ask my gyno next Monday] getting better as I get "more and more" perimenopausal.) But I have tremendous respect for this woman, who seemed unconcerned with society's idea of acceptable, beauty-wise. So "YAY! Goatee Lady!! I salute you"

Lastly, I will be watching my brother's taxidermy shop for him during some time in which he will be away. I'll let y'all do with this tidbit as you wish. :-)


Anonymous said...

First of all...I looooove the New Adventures of Old Christine! Kinda funny that you identify, because I always think it reminds me of things I've been through about ten years ago. Although...the meonopause stuff is just hitting me now that I am no longer on HRT.
But....I think it's really cool that you'll watch Corin's shop sometimes!
Now THAT will expand your horizons in directions you probably never dreamed of, LOL

Anonymous said...

PS. LOL...yeah I don't know if the brain fog is a menopause thing or a fibro thing, but today it is bad.
Meant to mention that although I have recently begun removing my 'stache, I do think it is great that someone has the self confidence to be who they are , especially if it is in anyway different from the "norm"
Some times I think I'll just ignor and not pluck, LOL....but for me that isn't a statement of self confidence, it is a statement of lazinessl

Vicki said...

Goatee Lady rocks. I have a similar lady at my grocery store. They should dye their goatees funky colors. There but for the grace of God, tweezers and Nads go I.

I'm SO glad to hear I'm not the only chick with out of control chin hair out there. I was sure it was just me.

Vicki said...

BTW--I could tell I read this post before I was fully awake this morning. I got to the end of it and was still waiting for the Three Mile Island tie-in. I know what "TMI" means, but, in my defense, you DO live in Harrisburg. :)

KaYlY said...

Lol not to be a spammer 0_o but we have the same name spelled the same 2!!! ive never met anyone with the same name as me!


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