Monday, October 13, 2008

A little bit on me & stuff-I-read-on-other-blogs-round-up

Hope you all had a great Italian rapist/pillager/enslaver/syphilis spreader Day!

My work computer is at the computer doctor. So I'll have to squish in my hours at the end of the week--again. They might compensate me for the lost hours from computer problems, but I'm not real clear on that. I know they compensated me for lost hours during quarter closing because I did not have enough work left to keep me busy. So, we'll see...

My husband and I celebrated out 14th anniversary on Saturday. He got me a gorgeous Konstantino three stone faceted citrine ring. I'd show you a picture, but it is being sent to the company to be be sized properly for my huge ass hands. :-( But you can see a pink tourmaline version here.

The weekend before this past one Nate got me a bouquet at Costco, and I always like their bouqets, but this had a neat flower called a pink mink protea:

The flowers and leaves got dark at the edges within a week so I have to be more careful about clean vase/clean water/sterm trimming if I get one again. The colors in this flash picture look more clash-y than they do in real life, but they clash in a nice Kayly-ish sort of way in real life.

Then this week I got myself a beautiful Halloween arrangement at Linglestown Flowers and Gifts (don't bother Googling them; it's just their Teleflora site and they do some of their own work that is gorgeous). They always have an arrangement in my Starbucks that are great, but this is the first time I had to buy them. I know I don't seem like a "holiday arrangment" girl, but check this:

The first photo is without flash and the second with flash. The true colors are more subtly in between. Matchy and clashy puply fuschia and fuschia-y purple with that wonderful grass green POP!

Cartoons of the week (courtesy of Bust Blog and Zen Comix):

(I love the Zen Comix one so much because it is the exact point I made during the debate.)

The rest is a random round-up of the election and what I've been reading and watching this past week. Buckle up!

This article by Michael Kinsey about a McCain craps table blow-up is interesting in its own gossipy way. So much for Obama being the only celebrity running for POTUS.

If you're an Obama Mama, you might want to see if there is a group near you.

And if you hate poly-blend fabric as much as I do watch this video. Oh, wait, what? Muslim? Oooooooohhhh....

More ignorant assholes make me lose a little bit more faith in human decency. (Don't watch these if prone to election despair.)

(Actually definelty watch this one; the blonde is hy-fucking-sterical. Watch her devolve.)

This one is GOLDEN, girl! (P.S. I heart Craig.)

A momentary lapse of the normal idiocy (of course, I won't mention that McCain thinks the opposite of Muslim is a decent man, but hey, he was trying, sort of):

BOO BOO?????

Big ballot boo-boo: Osama for president?
Rensselaer County gaffe makes national news after absentee ballots misspell Barack Obama's name By BOB GARDINIER, First published in print: Saturday, October 11, 2008
TROY — It could have been Ovama or Ofama. Or even Olama. [continued at link]

Alrighty, ya, you betcha! I'm tired, doggone it! I'll find some more and get back to ya!


nhcareyjr said...

THis is a great round up! THanks for being you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I would think that in Sarah Palin's belief system real men would hunt moose and the real women would cook them, LOL

Love your flowers!

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