Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who's gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It's chocolate, it's peppermint, it's delicious.

A little wee tiny bit of politics. Just a little.

McCain is a "Card 56 douchebag." Again.

Well, this card-carrying, hairy-legged, socialist feminist will be proud to counter the "counter" of Palin with a vote for Obama.

By now you've probably heard that Palin thinks some of us in the (AHEM!) blue states ain't so patriotic. Card 56 douchebag (and my pal) Michele Bachmann (R.-Minn) was kind enough to have Palin's back on that one. Can't wait for the all-girl version of the HUAC. HOT!

More racist bullshite if you can stand it:

  1. Snohomish County GOP pulls "$3 bills" smearing Obama from fair booth

  2. Incendiary sign in McCain office links Obama to dictators

  3. Obama effigy found hanging at George Fox University

Sarah Palin is an unethical thief, part 2.
Alaska funded Palin kids' travel
(Ya gotta read this one, goshdarnit. Sarah SixPack sounds so goldang down to earth. Just like me. Especially the part about spendin' $21K of someone elses money on plane tickets and thousands of someone elses money on separate luxury hotel rooms for the kiddos over the course of 23 months, you betcha, goshdarnit.)

Horrible people exploit their own children so "the gays" don't get married and somehow...exploit...their children? Hmmm...wait, that can't be right...

This is seriously effed up. What the hell is going on in today's Army? Seriously?

Army to probe 5 slayings linked to Colo. brigade
By P. SOLOMON BANDA, Associated Press Writer P. Solomon Banda, Associated Press Writer – Sat Oct 18, 10:12 am ET
DENVER – Fort Carson soldiers returning from deployment in Iraq are suspects in at least five slayings, and officials want to know why.Commander Maj. Gen. Mark Graham announced Friday a task force will examine any commonalities in the five killings, all allegedly committed by soldiers from the post's 4th Brigade Combat Team in the past 14 months. A sixth BCT soldier faces an attempted murder charge. "We have many great young Americans in our Army who have volunteered to serve during a time of war, almost all of whom are great citizens," Graham said in a statement. "However, we too are very concerned about these horrible acts." Fort Carson also plans to re-screen about 1,200 soldiers from the brigade for potential physical or mental health problems. Earlier Friday, Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar asked Army Secretary Pete Geren to investigate the slayings. Officials learned of the latest on Monday, when Spc. Robert Hull Marko, 21, led investigators to the body of 19-year-old Judilianna "Judi" Lawrence, whom he met on the social networking Web site MySpace, according to an arrest affidavit released Tuesday. The affidavit said Marko told investigators he had violent sex with Lawrence before slitting her throat and leaving her to die in the foothills west of Colorado Springs. His next court appearance is Monday. The issue of homicides by combat-stressed veterans gained national prominence in January, after The New York Times reported that at least 121 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans had committed a killing in the United States or been charged in one. Karen Linne, a spokeswoman for Fort Carson, said commanders two months ago ordered squad leaders and team leaders to reevaluate soldiers to see if they need additional help following concerns raised after another soldier from the unit was linked to a double slaying. Pfc. Jomar Dionisio Falu-Vives, 24, and
Spc. Rodolfo Torres-Gandarilla, 20, face attempted murder charges in the May 26 wounding of Capt. Zachary Zsody, who was shot twice while standing at an intersection. An arrest affidavit released in August said an AK-47 used in the Zsody case was found in Falu-Vives' apartment and it was also used in the June 6 deaths of two people gunned down on the street while putting up signs for a garage sale. Killed were Cesar Ramirez Ibanez, 21, and Amairany Cervantes, 28. Prosecutors filed murder charges against Falu-Vives on Sept. 15. Three other members of the unit were accused in the slayings of two soldiers. Bruce Bastien Jr. was sentenced last month to 60 years in prison. He pleaded guilty to accessory to murder in the December shooting death of Kevin Shields, and conspiracy to commit murder in the August 2007 death of Robert James.
Bastien, and co-defendant Kenneth Eastridge, both agreed to testify against fellow Iraq war veteran Louis Bressler, the alleged triggerman. Eastridge pleaded guilty July 11 to accessory to murder in Shields' death and will be sentenced Nov. 3. Bressler is scheduled to go on trial in the Shield slaying Nov. 3, while his trial in the James homicide is scheduled for Dec. 1. "Those who committed these violent crimes should be brought to justice," said Salazar. "But these tragedies also raise a number of questions from the backgrounds and service records of these soldiers, to whether they received waivers to enter the service, to the adequacy of mental health screening and treatment within the Army." Falu-Vives and Torres-Gandarilla, accused together in one case and Bastien, Bressler and Eastridge, accused in the two slayings, served in Iraq last year with the 2nd Battalion of the 4th Brigade Combat Team. There weren't any immediate indications that both sets of men knew each other. Marko was a mortarman with Charlie Company, 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, of the 4th BCT and served from February 2007 until February of this year.

Alton Brown, a man who owes his living to those who love food, is a fattist. Gross.

Food Star Alton Brown Talks Sustainability
struggled with weight all my life, and probably always will. But I was on my most recent book tour I was shocked by the number of overweight families,” he says. “People would come up to me and say, ‘Oh, we love the Food Network.’ Well,
no (expletive); did you eat the TV? There’s only four of you and you can’t ride
in an elevator together. I’ll probably make fat people angry, but we need, as a
culture, to be ashamed. It’s not “… healthy.”[whole article at link]

Finally, a personal note:

Ugh, it was a long day. I left the house at 9:45 a.m. and returned at 8:30 p.m. and still had a bunch of admin stuff to do. At least I'm getting hours in, right?
So..."the incident" i mentioned the other day? Well, a respondent met me at my car with a gun and told me to get off of the property. I quickly obliged. Went back to work yesterday, finally, and got another freakazoid flipping out in their own paranoid, government-hating, inbred hillbilly way. Thus proving that the jokes regarding that particular county's ignorance (in every sense of the word) are based in a modicum of sad, sad truth. I won't name the county, as I would violate confidentiality laws, but if you're from around here, you probably know which county I mean. (Yesterday was not traumatizing, just annoying as all hell.) I'm doing okay now, just dreading the next few months "up there." Nate handled the news admirably, although he is still fighting the urge, he says, to go up there himself. Probably doesn't hurt his odds at not getting shot that I would never tell him the address. ;-)
And I know I haven't talked about my mental state in a while and that is one at least a couple of people ended up here.
It's fall. I'm blue.
But, don't panic!! I'm not what I qualify (for me, at least) as depressed. At lot this has to do with the shorter days. A little has to do with my boys separating more and more from me as they self-actualize more and more. The past few days there is a bit of anger at humans who threaten other humans merely for existing thrown into the mix. And a LOT of it has to do with the exhaustion I have been experiencing lately in conjunction with neauropathy, both of which are, still, as yet unexplained. Sigh. But I know what the causes are, so I am able to deal with the various aspects in effective ways. Today I read that the brain stimulating magnet which I've following closely for years now has been approved by the government for use. This heartens me a lot, and it is something I will try to pursue before more ECT if it ever comes to that. But I am still a hearty proponent of ECT for those who can get no relief otherwise for whatever reason (drug resistance, pregnancy, old age, etc.). Some people might question how I can take such chances with my most important organ. My answer is, if you had ever experienced my brain, you, too, would probably do whatever you needed to do to try to make your way back from hell for yourself, your children, your husband, your parents, whatever or whoever it is that anchors you to this Earth. There was no other answer left for me and I made the decision as fully informed as one can be without actually training to perform the prodcedure. The magnet? Well, I think if I get to that point again, why not try something less invasive? If it doesn't work? Back to the ECT again. And if it does work, but later we find out there was some horrible after effect? Well, I will have had the time that it gave me back, and perhaps my having participated in the treatment will have helped to discover or confirm whatever the problems were. I have no problem with being a guinea pig. As long as I am as fully informed as I can be and I feel comfortable with what is knowable, I feel like maybe my willingness to pioneer (or whatever) could help others who aren't willing to be ealry adapters or guinea pigs or whatever you may want to label it. Some people play(ed) "chemistry class" with their bodies in other ways, I choose to do it in potentially helpful ways, either for me or for others or both.

Moving on...

My plants are all doing amazingly well, even the pothos which I almost (somehow) killed. 9ddon't laugh!) When I divided it into three smaller sections instead of one HUGE section it plumped right back up. YAY!

Just watched Law & Order: SVU and, by gosh, by golly, my honey Chris Eliot played an astronaut stalking weirdo. Straight. It was awesome!

And right after that I watched last night's Countdown, on which he told a cool story:

Keith always has little tidbits like this, and they always make me wonder if there isn't some kind of Six Degrees game we couldn't make up for him. He's connected to EVERYTHING, man!

(And p.s.: His Special Comment was great, too. He hates Bachmann as much as he should.)

And lastly I watched Craig Ferguson (Cleg Feh-guson) who had Leanne Marshall on and went on and about Project Runway. He is actually, apparently, a HUGE fan. Which cemented it: he had made THE LIST!

So the new list is:

  1. Jon Stewart
  2. Christian Bale
  3. Keith Olberman
  4. Daniel Craig
  5. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt--but only as a team!! ;-)

But most of all my wonderful, loving husband who does sexy-ass-motherfucking things like cook me chocolate pudding, put it in a HUGE measuring cup with a comfortable handle and letting me eat spoon by spoon and not sharing it because I had a tough week and my period on top of that. That's (as Paris would say) HOT!

Someday soon, I'll get my verbosity under control. But there is so much going on in the world right now!!! TTFN, sweeties! (Sleepy....YAWN!)

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