Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To be clear and a footnote to my comments last night:

Yes, to be clear: I am not using "retarded" as a disparaging word but in the literal sense, here.
Reportedly, but without substantial proof, Palin's IQ is 83.

According to the Weschler Scale (the scale being used in this supposed transcript):
Gifted 130 and above
Superior 120-129
High Average 110-119
Average 90-109
Low Average 80-89
Borderline Mental Retardation 70-79
Mild mental retardation 50–69

And last night I said, "A momentary lapse of the normal idiocy (of course, I won't mention that McCain thinks the opposite of Muslim is a decent man, but hey, he was trying, sort of)[...]"
Tonight I watched last night's Countdown and Keith bascially said the same thing. What can I say? Great minds... ;-)

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