Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Please stick with me while I scrapbook the election.

When I first started reading blogs, this is what they mostly were. Collections of others' articles and writings; sometimes with commentary, sometimes not. But now blogs tend to be mostly original content. And mine has mostly been a personal journal of sorts. But, at least until the election is over, there are going to be many more posts like this.

So bear with me. I need to collect it all for "posterity," and if you happen to learn something, all that much better. (I'm a "collector" as you probably know by now. A reincarnation of someone who lived the depression, for sure. If I were a spinster, I'd be a hoarder. Since I'm a family chick, my men keep it--mostly--in check.)


Did you Google yourself 2001 style yet? I barely "web-existed." ("Web-existance" and it various forms copyright me, right now. Use it freely, though. I'll collect royalties once it gets outside of my circle.)

Barack Obama Set Your Voice As His Ringtone. (Weird, I've done the same for him. Must be love, love, love.)

However, John McCain thinks that's a bunch of hooey. (It's also mutual, Johnny.) (BTW, did ya see my t-shirt? I've gotten TONS of compliments on it.)

Do you not think this is one gorgeous fucking map??

Keep an eye on it here.

Uh-oh... photos surface of Obama's radical past
by jab Sat Oct 04, 2008 at 09:10:42 PM PDT
So you Democrats thought you could make this election about the issues?
Yes, the banking system is in a crisis imperiling the entire global economy. Sure, unemployment is rising and incomes are falling. Of course our health care system is the laughingstock of the world. Yes, we're bogged down in Iraq, the 9/11 masterminds remain at large and the Taliban are poised to regain control of Afghanistan. Sure, we run secret torture camps around the world and eavesdrop on U.S. citizens. Yes, global warming is wiping out species and changing the seasons and whipping up hurricanes and imperiling our coastlines. So I can see why you think you'd be able to get people to vote for changing parties in this upcoming election.
But you neglected to consider one thing: YOUR CANDIDATE PALS AROUND WITH TERRORISTS. [click here for photographic proof]

And for those of you with relatives who (AHEM!) believe this shit, here are a few things you can memorize, spout back and then have ignored, because that Palin, doggone it, just a Joe-Six-Pack like me, not no terr-uh-ist like that Barack Hus-SEIN Obama!

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a lying, stubby, saggy-jowled bastard of a mysoginist, chauvanist and, possibly, racist pig.

I know the four people who read this probably either read or were (AHEM! AGAIN!) forced to read the following, but they are my favorites from Sunday.

  1. Who You Callin’ a Maverick? By JOHN SCHWARTZ Published: October 4, 2008
    There’s that word again: maverick. In Thursday’s vice-presidential debate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, the Republican candidate, used it to describe herself and her running mate, Senator John McCain, no fewer than six times, at one point calling him “the consummate maverick.” [continued at above link]
  2. Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain By FRANK RICH Published: October 4, 2008
    SARAH PALIN’S post-Couric/Fey comeback at last week’s vice presidential debate was a turning point in the campaign. But if she “won,” as her indulgent partisans and press claque would have it, the loser was not Joe Biden. It was her running mate. With a month to go, the 2008 election is now an Obama-Palin race — about “the future,” as Palin kept saying Thursday night — and the only person who doesn’t seem to know it is Mr. Past, poor old John McCain. [continued at above link]
  3. Sarah’s Pompom Palaver By MAUREEN DOWD Published: October 4, 2008
    I had hoped I was finally done with acting as an interpreter for politicians whose relationship with the English language was tumultuous. [continued at above link]

Somehow I missed this one from Bob Herbert on Friday until tonight: Palin’s Alternate Universe or this one from Gail Collins of Friday: Talking in Points

Sarah Palin apparently thinks I can go to hell for one MORE reason, as if she didn't already have enough reasons.

And this one is just interesting to me and I want to see what anyone else thinks:

Reimbursements Raise Tax Issues for Palin

And, finally, if you've stuck with me this long and care about such things:

My rheumatologist appointment is Thursday, October 16th. I won't have the results of any of my myriad blood tests until then, so it's a pain waiting.

(My update to my online support group will catch you up iuf I haven't caught you up already:

"My rheumy said basically 'I have no clue' when I told her I wasn't any better, now what. So she ordered a bunch more blood tests. She mailed me the lab sheet; it is basically every tests I have ever had done, plus a few new ones, done over again. It'll be a pint of blood, lol."


"I did just notice that the lab slip say Dx code 710.8 which is
'Index entries containing 710.8:
Disease, diseased - see also Syndrome
collagen NEC 710.9
specified NEC 710.8Fibrosclerosis
familial multifocal NEC 710.8
multifocal (idiopathic) NEC 710.8Syndrome - see also Disease
fibrosclerosing 710.8System, systemic - see also condition
fibrosclerosing syndrome 710.8'

when she used to code me 710.9 , so I don't know what is up with that. One of the tests she is running is anti-tissue transglutaminase, which i just looked up and it's for celiac, which i was never tested for before, but i'll say right now if i have celiac: SCREW IT! I'll deal with the symptoms, 'cuz i ain't giving up gluten, period. she is running a lyme test again
and all o f the AI tests again: ana, anti-ds-dna, anti-smith, anti RNP, ss-a, ss-b, PLUS all of the normal stuff, thyroid stuff, urine stuff, etc.")

I'm tired and in pain (aching, sore and stiff) from whatever is and then I had an IBS flare-up which started Sunday and continued through when I was supposed to be enjoying a delicious meal in Manhattan last Monday night. And, then, it was gone for Tuesday's View-stravanga. And by the time I got home a cold or similar virus had me in its vice-like grip and continues to palm me a bit more gently now. But working is a bitch because my balance is TOTALLY off, and the respondent's probably all think I am an abused woman as my body is covered in, literally, dozens of bruises from running into every solid object I've crossed paths with this week. I know, it's a virus and I sound like a baby, but please remember I have a compromised immune system because of my previously diagnosed autoimmune illness, so what hits you, hits me harder, most likley, plus I already had this "THING," this "OTHER," going on in my body which is unknown yet. So there.

I'm getting a bit blue from the assholes I seem to be encountering this quarter at work and from not knowing what the fuck is wrong with me physically. But NOT the deep depression that would worry me. This is situational and understandalbe and manageable.

Things bought in NYC:

  1. Robert Piguet's Bandit (Hard to find in stores near me and a fascinating fragrance for my collection. I've been wearing it non-stop for a week--yes, even while passed out in bed! And it's a total foil to another serious favorite--and standby--of mine: Robert Piguet's Fracas)
  2. L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil (Because it was there, and I'd wanted to try it. I'm "eh" on it. I thought it would be more moisturizing, but it smells good.)

On The View they gave us the DVD of Iron Man. The audience coming in after us got THIS for free:

Does my luck fucking suck or WHAT???

Thandie Newton is on Craig Ferguson's show right now and she just said her daughters are named Nico--after THE Nico--and Ripley--after Sigourney's alien whupping woman. How cool is that? Then Craig said he played drums for Nico! How cool is that? I love his show, BTW; he is seriously vying for "the list."

Okay, this post might be my "longest friggin' post EVER."

So goodnight for now.

And yes, the debate rocked. ;-)


Vicki said...

I love it when you link to me you sexy bitch, you! ;-)

Ugh. I hope you get SOME kind of answer on what the hell you have at your appointment. Sorry the yokels you're interviewing are getting you down.

I was very PA proud the other day, though, to see that almost 1/2 a million new voters had registered democratic whereas the repubs had a net loss of 38K registered voters. Now they just need to show up on 11/4.

Yes, that is a fucking gorgeous map. Did you see last night's Colbert with Nate Silver? They did a screen shot of the fivethirtyeight.com Web Site. The numbers are still pretty much the same today:

EVs: Obama 345.4, McCain 192.6
Win %: Obama 89.2%, McCain 10.8%
Pop Vote: Obama 51.9%, McCain 46.5%

OK, so not the landslide popular vote I'd hoped for, but Bush declared a "mandate" with less, if I remember.

As for the Palin tax thing, if it's determined that those expenses are absolutely categorized as taxable income, then she should pay. I don't think the IRS will buy "H&R Block said I don't have to pay it."

Those pics of Obama and Bill Ayers are hysterical.

Re: Thandie Newton--That is cool. Nico was on my list of girls' names in honor of THE Nico as well. Unfortunately, we have no dead relatives whose names begin with N to my knowledge :( Maybe we can "dig one up" genealogically speaking before we have a girl.

Anonymous said...

Unforunately that collector gene seems to come down the line from at least Nana, LOL. I swear that these days I spend an awful lot of time sorting through things and getting rid of stuff I've spent a lifetime NOT getting rid of....I mean, really...just because I can still wear something I wore in the 70's doesn't mean I SHOULD, right?

When you say THE Nico...I mean the only Nico I remember was Velvet Underground/Warhol Nico..is that who you're talkng about?

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