Friday, October 17, 2008

Shopping, Snarkiness, Spoilers for Slow-Watchers and Some Shit about the Elections


Did you see the Project Runway Season 5 Finale? I cannot believe Leanne won. The collections were all a bit lackluster as far as I was concerned, but Korto's was the best of the three. It was so vibrant and full of life. And accessible to all body types, which Leanne's and Kenley's were not. Kenley's surprisingly had a few pieces I liked, showed her personality, and was well executed and cohesive. But that "Balenciaga rip-off" was horrid! And I am not a fan of any of the hand painting. Goofy stuff. (P.S. Though I hate Kenley and a lot of her designs, I do have the feather fascinator bug now. Sigh. At least they are something I can actually make.) Leanne's collection was extremely well-executed, extremely pale, extremely cohesive (like sticky rice or wheat paste) and extremely one note. Technically gorgeous, emotionally cold.
And I obviously have no idea how Project Runway works in [real] reality, because here are Jerrell's beautiful collection; Joe's Stella-like weird, ugly-ass collection; and Suede apparently did a prom/pageant/cotillion collection.
I did love all three finalist's runway music and have tracked down Kenley's (apparently composed by her boyfriend?) and Leanne's (composed by her boyfriend). Korto's continues to elude me even though it was my favorite of the three. (It is either by Fela Kuti--but I don't know the title--or Osyrusakbar's, so says himself and, again, I cannot find the piece or even the title.)
One last note about Leanne: WHAT was up with her hair and makeup in her final interview on the aired episode? She looked like a wet, sad mouse. Even if she got caught in a storm, couldn't they have fixed her up for the interview, at least??

Moving on...
  • Payless will be doing a sustainable shoe and purse collection. I love Payless for fashion shoes and have a ton, but tend to were my good sturdy expensive comfortable shoes most of the time.
  • Nate and I were watching Kath & Kim last night (which I love, TW; Selma Blair referred to it as an "American tragedy" and it is, really, but funny as hell) and they mentioned Merry Go Round. The mention caused Nate and I to have a five minute nostalgia trip wherein we remembered Chess King as well. Remember those stores? The epitome of '80s cool at my school. They also played Erasure's Respect, causing a second round of nostalgia
  • One of my gossip rags showed Brad Pitt bicycling in N'Awlins with what looked like a gigantic Moleskine notebook. Only they don't make them that big, and Moleskine's don't have pencil loops. So what is it? If you find it let me know. I thought maybe it was this one but, the corners are rounded on Pitt's and squared on this one. My Moleskine obsession (because of the beauty and simplicity of them, not necessarily the brand) causes me to seriously covet this notebook.
  • I cannot stop wearing my Bandit perfume. Even to bed and in my sweats. It's dirty clean, which I love. I smell like a sexed up lady who just took a good soap-fueled bath. I love it. So now my favorite perfumes to wear are both Robert Piguet--Fracas and Bandit. I want the rest now. Even the designed-for-men Cravache.
  • This toilet paper rocks! Natural Value is not all shred-y and thin like most "green" tp. It's still no Charmin, but I think the Newcomer family has found a new tp after years--YEARS!!--of Charmin addiction. Now if I could break our mean-ass boy cat NCL of his clay, non-scoopable litter. We tried all of the green litters with gradual transitions and once the mixture gets to a certain level he pisses outside the box to say, "Hey! This litter BLOWS, assholes!!"
Clone wars:

And now, POLITICS:
  • You know who I hate? Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) of Minnesota. Apropos of nothing, really. I'm just sick of her, I cannot wait until the election is over and I don't have to listen to this a-hole anymore.
  • Did you see McCain and Obama at the Alfred E. Smith Foundation banquet last night? Both were funny. Although McCain's roast of Obama was a bit more "roast-y" than Obama's was of McCain. Obama was a bit more self-deprecating. But both were funny.
  • Will Todd Palin get security clearance? Well, yes, I'm sure he will, but the question is valid and thought provoking.
  • Another mailer in Virginia compares Obama to terrorists, or even calls him one, maybe.
  • More proof regarding the real Obama tax plan follows in Samuel "Joe" "The Fucking" "Plumber" Wurzelbacher's wake.
  • Arizona Republicans want to do the right thing for the wrong reasons regarding robo-calls going on there.

So that's about it for now. Later tater's.

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