Wednesday, April 30, 2008

But if you try, sometimes you just might find you get what you need.

  • My MP3 player has been playing what sound like set lists when set on shuffle.

  • I finally found a job which seems a great fit for me and is twice as much money as I've ever earned before.

  • Things are going well in my friends' and family's lives, if not always as expected.

  • I feel like things are looking up in the world in general with a man such as Obama running for POTUS.

  • I feel happy and relaxed and am catching up on life.

I used to listen to the Rolling Stones song and only hear, "You can't always get what you want."

Now the next line makes so much sense to me.

For those who are interested:

The new job is a one year contract with the Institute for Social Research's Survey Research Center at University of Michigan. During that year I will be going out into the field in my area and gathering data for the CDCs National Survey of Family Growth. My hours will be very flexible. I am on my own in the field. I will be making twice as much money as I ever have and get paid twice THAT for training for a week this June at University of Michigan all expenses paid. To me this will be like a vacation as I love staying in hotels. And I get to use one of those awesome tablet computers! What could be better?


Historical Wit said...

First a comment on the job, freakin fantastic! I would love to do something like that. Plus the tablet is super killa. You will love that little technological wonder. You will paperless in no time. Completely paperless.

As for the mp3, when i finally got around to getting one, I found that I quickly started to explore the music i listened to as a lad. It is interesting cause some of it I can't stand now. I started to watch films from the 80's that I would watch back then. Its funny and interesting to see where you get the make up of your personality from.

Alright, got to sneak a game of mahjong before I get to involved in work. Glad to see things are smiles for you.

Melinda Hohenberger said...

Congrats on the job. How did you find it? Enjoy the hotel. Can you tell me what a super tablet is? Yes, I am way behind on life, lol.

Melinda H.

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