Friday, April 18, 2008

Random news:

  • I have another broken tooth. That's three broken teeth or fillings in a year or so. I started wearing my night guard again in case it is from grinding. OOOoooohh, S-E-X-Y! I'm also wondering if all of my meds aren't somehow eff-ing up my teeth. I know my mouth is always very dry.
  • I am almost positive Holden and I will attend the Obama rally tomorrow night. I know it will be packed and it will mean HOURS in line--not good for my legs and if it is as warm as it is today the heat is not nice to me physically either. This leaves me ambivalent, but Holden says he doesn't mind the really long wait to see O-man, so how can I say no?
  • Obama on Colbert :...

  • ...was actually not as funny as the "EdWords" on Colbert:
  • Did I mention it is hot here today?
  • I met my fundraising goal on my Obama fundraising page!! YAY!! (But feel free to donate, anyway if you like, lol!)


Vicki said...

Is "teethe" the olde englishe spellinge? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kayly...the dry mouth from the meds is most likely doing it. I'm having the same problem.....I get my latest permanent crown this coming Friday.

Historical Wit said...

Hey would love to hear your thoughts on the PA primary.

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