Monday, April 07, 2008

Random, Disconnected Paragraphs

Aw...I've been blogrolled finally. I prefer my term bloglogged, but I guess that is not a recognized word in blogland.
Another word I'm liking today is Barack-blocked. I heard it on The Daily Show, but it has officially entered my lexicon now.
In case anyone is wondering: I skipped my gyno appointement. Too tired among other reasons, which include, but are not limited to: laziness, a thorough dislike of the whole process and the fact that it was my last chance to sleep in for two weeks.
It is flip-flop season and I can't afford a pedicure. It's DIY time, but I never do as well as the professionals. Sigh, I need a J.O.B. Anyone? Anyone wanna hire me? Pretty please?
Well, I have submitted my resume to the the Obama campaign for their post-primary fellowships. Nate has given the go-ahead for non-paid work, however as much as I want a position I am discouraged by the lack of spending money until November. Oh, and the fact that the application is totally aimed at college students, and as a 36 year old woman I don't work too well under college students. But I've done it before, so... We'll see, I guess.
And, finally, I had updated my profile in case there is EVER a HS reunion for my class EVER again. It hadn't been updated since my last address, so I needed to change that. Now I have been getting emails saying people have been looking at my profile, but I cannot see who it is because I don't have $5 a month to "connect with old classmates." Hopefully they find me via Google if they really want to say, "Wassup?" (I'm using the word ironically, folks. Yesterday I couldn't stop saying "redonkulous" until it stuck in Nate's head, to his great consternation.)
Okay, I'm good for now. You?

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Historical Wit said...

Yeah, I am doing pretty good, thanks. I am almost done reading all of your posts and I must say you have a really compelling story. Keep at it. I am wading through March but will be caught up by end of day. Take care.

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