Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Countdown with Kayly

More a random brief list than the top stories of my day:

5. One glass of red wine and two warm chocolate chip cookies for bedtime snack tonight

4. Total 419 emails today: 9 (average, I'd say)

3. Creepy blog: Stay-At-Home Daughters (be sure to read their profiles; also, this launches a new sidebar feature Read It and Weep--title courtesy of BFF Vicki, royalties to be paid upon my book deal ;-* --send me creepy, scary and/or brainwashed Jesus-bots blog in addition to ridiculously poorly written blogs, hilariously jingoistic blogs, etc.)

2.Most important post I read today: Who Knew Spring Cleaning Could Feel So Good???

1. Most annoying commerical I have seen way too fucking many times: That would be the Nutriystem commerical with Dan Marino and Larry the Cable Guy

P.S. I think I learned a new trick today from my Feedjit widget: I believe if I mention SEIU and Obama I will get more traffic from pro-SEIU and/or anti-SEIU bloggers and/or employees. Next post I'll mention SEIU without mentioning Obama and see if that works or if it's only the combo.


Amy said...

Aw, I saw that Nutrisystem commercial last night for the first time and chuckled, lol.

Historical Wit said...

I still like the John Kruk nutrisystem commercial.

kaylynuke said...

I just don't like Nurtrisystem commercials in general, but I am the opposite of a Larry the Cable Guy fan, sorry Amy.

Historical Wit said...

Yeah, me too, but Krukie has a self depreciating humor I love. My wife hates them to, especially that woman that says shes in a size twoooo.

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