Monday, April 07, 2008

Some horrible stats...

This isn't normally what I post, but I have to share with you all. It doesn't fit the Obama blog, and I don't want it to go unnoticed.
A female in the service right now is more likely to be raped than to be killed by enemy fire.
As is this horrible story about a murdered female soldier who got pregnant during a rape.
I have nothing more to say on this, but it is heart-rending.


Historical Wit said...

Dude this is one of those things that enrages me. See I was in the Army and I would never suggest that venue for a woman. The amount of homophobic, sexist feelings that run afoul in the Army is astounding. From what I have read, its got nothing but worse. And with these mercs they hire these days, well they think they are living in the wild wild west and they have no law the gun can't solve. Or there isn't anything the gun can get for them. The regular Army is a recruitng ground for Christian right gangs and criminals in gerneral now. Criminal waiver enlistments are up by 13% already this year, only 11% last year. If we stay, a draft will happen. Or we lose an Army. Take your pick. I could go on all day about injustice in the military....

Amy said...

Criminal waiver enlistment is rather vague, considering my husband had to have one of those waivers to get into the Navy. Why? Because he got into a fight with another kid when he was 12 and hit him in the nose with his cast (from a broken wrist).

There is a lot of secrecy, though. For many things, not just violence against women, and it takes a good command to do things right.

Historical Wit said...

Yeah it is realllly vague. Back in 90 when I enlisted, if you had unpaid parking tickets, you weren't getting in. The only branch that recruited at the courthouse was the Marines. OH how times have changed. Now anything short of murder or kidnapping and your in. Make no bones about it, when your in the military, you are in a brotherhood, a gang if you will. Let enough real gangsters in and they will take it over. Don't get me wrong, I loved my time in and my support for the soldiers enduring this hardship heart felt, but you gotta have standards.

Anonymous said...

As much as I think that women should be able to serve active duty in the military if they chose, and hate the "separate but equal" thing. I am no longer convinced that women should serve in th same units as men...they are there to defend the country, they shouldn't have to worry about defending themselves against their commanding officers or their colleagues.

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