Thursday, April 24, 2008

Random stuff:

  1. Job interview this afternoon, wish me luck. This is for the CDC field researcher position which is a one year contract job for the National Survey of Family Growth.
  2. Yesterday I had an unexpected phone interview for an admin position with SEIU. She asked why I wanted admin when I clearly had the experience for an organizer position. It's the hours, the hours, the hours. Not ready for upwards of 60 hour weeks quite yet. Maybe when the kids are in college. But she will be calling me when they figure out where they are going with their office reorganization. It went well. Now hope they hae a position for me.
  3. Ethan has an orthodonstist appointment today. Just normal braces readjustment stuff.
  4. He had a doctor's appointment two days ago. Scoliosis check. He's fine, despite what the school nurse thought she saw.
  5. I got a lot done errand-wise yesterday after BFF Vicki left. (We ate a late breakfast at Waffle House to drown our post-primary sorrows in the syruppy goodness of waffles, the wonderful toast dipping goodness of over easy eggs and, of course, bacon, bacon, bacon. YUM!)
  6. After I wrote yesterday's entry regarding the primary, I actually felt a lot better.
  7. What could be better than #7?


Anonymous said...

OMG! That is so good! (7) can't wait to show Denny!
Great about the phone interview~

Doug In Atlanta said...

Awesome, I sent a copy if the vid to the Atlanta for Obama group!

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