Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fortuitous or coincidence?

Since about December I have been wearing a beaded chain--like for dog tags--with a peace symbol, a Kwan Yin medal and a Saint Dymphna medal. I also have another St. Dymphna medal on my charm bracelet and three St. Dymphna prayer cards scattered throughout the house. No, I'm not anywhere near Catholic, but this saint--the patroness of mental health--spoke to me on a more basic level, and it can't hurt to have her near, right?
Today I picked up my necklace after my shower, which was fine when I laid it on the dressing table, and the St. Dymphna medal just fell off--the ring holding it on was broken. I put her back on with a new ring just in case, but is someone speaking to me about something or is it just a weird coincidence that she falls off when I seem not to need her much anymore?

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