Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I told you: "sharing with the group" makes me tired. Plus the two times I had to repeat my life story for my resident psychiatrist and then the attending psychiatrist. And I didn't even SEE the counsellor today, so I' ll repeat it a third time tomorrow.
Well, I didn't like group. Surprise, surprise. Besides the fact that I have to listen to strangers' problems when I already have my own with which I don't know how to deal, I also have to tell a whole roomful of strangers my life story. So I held back a bit today, but I had good feedback that what I did say was said well and was a good start.
Then there's the little annoyances of being in a roomful of people and having to be paying attention to one person. The various weird noises and habits of people who are supposed to be paying attention but are sucking candy loudly or breathing oddly or whatever. As those who know me know, I have "issues" with distracting noises or movements. Chewing loudly, sucking your teeth or candy, chewing or cracking gum loudly (all of what I call "mouth noises), "rutching" around a lot, bouncing your foot, feet or legs, cracking your knuckles, etc., etc. These all earn my evil glare and, sometimes, if I love you enough (lucky you) a stern and bitchy, "Stop that!!" funny thing, though: I do a lot of these things myself and find it perfectly acceptable for ME to do so. So...um..suck it, I guess, lol.
Seriously though, I am exhausted and want to nap, but we leave for soccer practice soon. On the plus side, I am almost done with "The Audacity of Hope" book on CD (pirated from the library to my MP3 player), so there's that to look forward to while waiting for practice to be over, I guess.
As far as errands: I got my recycling all dropped off and picked up my prescriptions, but will have to go to the library tomorrow. (I always think it's okay to return stuff a day or two or six late anyway, as they need all the money they can get, right?) Also on the afternoon errand list: finally dropping off the leftover meds at the Humane Society and getting Zeke's (now 3½ months overdue) dog license. (Bad, bad, dog owner!!)
419 email tally for the day: 14!!! (That might be an all time high for me.)
Hopefully I make it through the rest of the night and the whole day tomorrow. But, so far, I haven't really gotten anything from the program. I'm sure it's just because I've only just dipped my toe in the pool today. But now the introductions are (almost) done, and I demand results, damn it!! ;-)
OH! P.S. I met a lady today with an SEIU for Obama button who actually works for SEIU and gave me her card and told me to send a resume. ("They're ALWAYS hiring!") I also know one of their "big guns" down there, so I sent it off already, but I am not expecting much. Their hours, though, are Brutal, and I'm not sure I'm ready for that, either.


Anonymous said...

Of course you're tired! And when you start a job you'll be exhaustedfor a week or two...it's always that way, even for a healthy person!
And you got some chores done besides!
Good day!

Anonymous said...

They are always hiring because they treat staff like crap.

For the truth about what is happening in SEIU, see

Pres. Andy Stern is selling out workers rights and suppressing union democracy.

Also see

a former seiu staffer purged for
standing up for workers rights

Anonymous said...

And I work with Andy Stern at SEIU, and it's the best job I ever had. Great co-workers, great benefits. Sorry some propagandist is using your space to try to push Sal Rosselli's personal agenda. Hope you are getting the support and rest you need. Go Obama!

Anonymous said...

Watch the video of hundreds of UHW members standing up for democracy and taking back their union for the members at www.seiuvoice.org

that's the truth, not what some highly paid flack for Stern posted above, slandering Sal Rosselli and turning a fight for trade union principles into sick personal attacks on a great trade unionist.

the only staff that rise at SEIU are the ones that kiss managements ass and are willing to make excuses for all the dirty deals.
thats all the Stern sycophants can do.

Historical Wit said...

Wow, you got a lot done. Hell I don't even do that much in a day. I worked and framed a nice painting for a friend last night. Then watched Bones and crashed. I don't know. I can't get into that show. Bad acting.

Group has to be taken with a grain of salt. MY problems with group was I wasnt willing to give cause I didn't think these people needed to know. I did better in a one on one setting. later I was a community support advocate for kids at risk and they pretty much felt the same was about group. My kids never got much out of it cause they didn't want the other kids to know anything about them. The most intense sessions were always with me, the teenager in question, and the counselor. But you got positive points out of it and thats a plus. positive motions means you covering ground. Worry about direction later.

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